Monday, November 10, 2014

First change just flew by!

Hola Familia Y Amigos:

Well, things are just dandy down here in Peru. We had the first change, but I am staying in this area. It just flew by! And, I also completed three months of my mission which is super weird! We got two brand new Elders in our district, so it's been fun to talk to them. 

Strange food of the week: chicken brains and chicken heart. Yeah it was just floating in my soup, and I scooped it up with my spoon, and was like WHAT IN THE WORLD!!! It looked just like a human brain, only a lot smaller:) 

So that ugly dog that I sent a picture of, lives in the hardware store of an Investigator, so we´re like buddies now. Once you get over the fact that he has no hair and a tail like a rat, he´s actually kinda cute....ish.

I have been expanding my vocabulary in Quechua. Apparently that language was here long before Spanish, and it’s apparently like the language of the Incas. 

The other day we went to Luciano´s (grandson of our Pensionista HNA Norma) fifth birthday party. It was fun! We had cake, and got little party bags. Unfortunately, we had to leave before the Pi├▒ata! haha. Oh and last Monday as a Zone we ate at this really cool restaurant called Rustica. It is like one of those Hard Rock Cafe type restaurants that's kind of like a landmark. I had a frozen Limeade and some BBQ ribs and fries. It was a heavenly meal. They brought it out on this cool platter that had live burning coals underneath to keep it warm. 

We have been doing a ton of work in the hills (cerros). So we hike all over every day. But the work is going just great. We got a bunch of new Investigators that seem really interested, so we have been teaching some solid lessons to them. This week was a pretty spiritual week. Every week I am getting better and better at expressing what I want to say in Spanish! 

We are getting really excited about the baptism of Hermano Augusto, father of Osvely. The date is coming up rapidly! He is such an amazing guy, and he knows with all of his heart that the church is true. It will be good to strengthen the Ward with new members that have testimonies like he does! 

I am making some serious progress in the Book of Mormon. I started it when I got to Peru, and I am in Mosiah 20 ish. So that’s pretty good right? I love the opportunity I have to read the scriptures so much out here in the mission field. Every time I open The Book of Mormon, I just know with every fiber of my being that this book is true, and it really is the Word of God! 

Hope all is well with you guys, and keep me updated with any big news.

Con Amor, 
Elder Reschke

P.S. Family, I have a Christmas package with some Peruvian swag coming your way, so get excited!

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

How far do you walk in a day?
We probably walk 4 plus miles every day. 

Has it rained since you got to Peru?
It kinda just got so misty one day that it was practically rain, but not really. It doesn’t rain, it just gets misty.
                                                             Luciano's birthday party:

                                                          New investigators?
                                                                 Frozen lemonade:

Ribs at Rustica:

                                                    Soup with interesting ingredients:
                          Elder Reschke was lucky to get the chicken heart in his bowl of soup:
                                                            And the chicken brain too:
                                                              District lunch on P. Day:

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