Monday, December 1, 2014

Plaza De Armas.

Hola Familia Y Amigos!

This was a really good week! On P. Day we went to the center of Lima which is like the main tourist destination in Lima. We went to a place called Plaza De Armas and they had all these really cool way old European style buildings and cathedrals and stuff. It is like what you see when you google LIMA PERU. It was really fancy and it felt like a whole different world because there were fancy cars and a ton of tourists and stuff. It was weird to see Americans and Europeans. It was way neat! 

We had a good lunch at Dominoes, and then we went to this market where they sold all the Peruvian souvenirs and stuff that you could ever imagine! I got some cool stuff, and there is a solid Christmas Package coming your way!

So the interesting food of the week is pig the outside layer! It was pretty tough.

We did some good service this week, and built a wall out of corrugated plastic and then moved the most ginormous pile of stones you have ever seen in your whole life.

We OWNED this cockroach last nigh in our room. It was huge! And, hopefully now all the other cockroaches that are living in our bathroom wall will see what happened to their little friend and find a new place to live! haha. 

But yeah, it was a solid week. On Friday night we listened to Christmas music as we decorated our tree and hung garlands from the mirror. We bought some chocolate milk to drink with the last of Mom’s turtle cookies!

As far as the missionary work goes, this week we taught a lot more lessons than last week so that is good. We have a ton of new investigators this week, so we are excited for that. We are focusing extra hard on retaining the recent converts, because that is really important. But it is just so amazing to watch these guys progress.

And, in all honesty, whenever people have doubts about our message, it only makes my testimony grow even more because I respond to their doubts and say that I know WITHOUT A DOUBT that this church is true and it’s the only way we can find happiness in this life and the life to come. 

I am way excited for Christmas. There is no better time to share the message of the gospel with others, because Christmas is all about the birth of our Savior! Love you all so much, and have a great week. 
Con amor, 
Elder Reschke 

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

Can you tell me more about the homeless, hairless dogs?
The hairless dogs, there are not a lot of them, but a few of them.  They are really ugly and kind of remind me of werwolves or chupicabras.  They just drink out of puddles and eat garbage like food scraps and diapers.

What is the background of your companion?
Elder Martinez (from Honduras)  is the only member in his family but him being on a mission is a good example to them and he really wants them to join the church.

Do you need us to send a cockroach trap? Have you named that cockroach you sent a picture of?
I can get cockroach traps here.  I was thinking of naming him Pedro or Juan or something like that, but then I realized once you name them, they are so much harder to kill!  

Is it dry or humid there?
It is pretty darn dry usually, since it is like a desert.  At the same time, it is on the coastal area so in the mornings alot of the time it is really humid and misty.  When the sun comes out it gets dry.

What was that fruit in last week’s pictures?
It is called maracuya.  You cut the top off and dump a ton of sugar in cause it’s sour, but you scoop out the seeds with a spoon. It is kind of like a sour orange with the consistency of pomegranate seeds.  Hna Norma makes really good drinks out of it!

Are you starting to see signs of Christmas there?
People are starting to put up decorations.  Peru makes a pretty big deal about Christmas.  But, it is kind of Christmas with a Latino flare.  The Christmas things you sent us are awesome.  We had a little party and decorated the tree.  I opened the first letter today. That is a really pretty picture of you!  Something huge down here for Christmas is paneton.  It is kind of like a spiced up fruit cake and  it is pretty tasty.
What I have learned:  
You can feel the Christmas Spirit wherever you are in the world!

P. Day trip to Plaza De Armas. (Lima City Center):
 Elder Martinez and Elder Reschke thought it was funny that the Honduras flag was by the U.S. Flag:
                                                               Elder Reschke and Elder Aoki:
                                                               Elder Reschke and Elder Marinez:
                                                                       Lima City Center:
                                                         The Zone at Lima City Center:
                                                          Visit to the center of Lima:

                                                                 Hills in Elder Reschke's area:
                                                  District Service Project moving rocks:
                         A Ward member.  (Note: My tie with a llama on it, bought it for 12 Soles
                                           or about 4 dollars and it has alpaca fiber in it!):

                                             Cockroach that has been "dispatched":
                                                                Mural on side of building:

                                                           Christmas tree all decorated:


  1. Eek I Think I could stand all the cockroaches! But I like how colorful everything is in Peru. And I love Jake's llama tie!

  2. Other than the cockroaches, looks like you've been having a ball on your time there. Thanks for sharing those excerpts of your interactions with ideas and lifestyles. Don't let pests get in the way of the full experience, though. Get rid of them completely and get rid of them fast. Take care!

    Alta Peng @ Liberty Pest Inc.