Monday, February 9, 2015


Hola Family Y Amigos!

Sorry for the lack of a cool subject line in this email, I couldn’t think of anything elaborate or cool. This week was pretty chill. Nothing extremely exciting, but sometimes that can be a good thing right? 

In case ya´ll are wondering, the thing around my neck is a monkey! And that crazy jungle fish that made you sick just looking at the picture, actually tasted delicious:) It’s like exotic Market Street Grill pretty much.

But yeah. for P. Day we went to “Happyland”  As the name implies, we had a ball. AND there was an air hockey table, so “Happyland" was definitely the place to be. We went to Plaza Vea and actually found peanut butter! I was going to buy it but I couldn’t  bring myself to spend 25 soles. That’s like nine bucks! 

We had a pretty good week teaching lessons...we taught a lot of less active people this week. I am really happy that they have such a desire to change their lives. We had some good lessons with Domingo, and it looks like he is going to be baptized the 21st of February, so that is fun. 

The Spanish is coming along just great. One returned missionary from the stake was listening to my Spanish, and said I sound just like a Limeña, with my manner of speaking,  So that was good to hear:) 

But yeah, it was a pretty chill week. The highlight lesson was probably when we took a reactivated member to teach an investigator with us. His testimony of The Book of Mormon that he bore during the lesson was SO GREAT. The Spirit was pretty strong, and I really think that his testimony will have a huge influence on whether or not she decides to listen to us.

I was reading something cool in the bible this week. Did you know that there are tons of places in the bible where it talks about the Restoration of the Gospel, Joseph Smith, and The Book of Mormon? Just look up Book of Mormon in the topical guide, and there’s a ton of scriptures. I am excited to study it more in depth, but my favorite so far is the description found in Isaiah. 

Wow this Gospel is so perfect, and true. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share it with others. Hope you all have a great week, and remember to ALWAYS read the scriptures!:)

Con Mucho Amor, 
Elder Reschke.

P.S. Quechua Phrase of the Week:  “Cimata munanqui gulpetacu?” It means, Wanna Fight? Hopefully I´ll never have to use that one:)

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

1.   What was that animal around your neck last week?
It’s “Marten The Monkey”!  Don’t you recognize him?  He belongs to some members in the other area of the Ward.

2.  What have you learned from your companions so far?
From Elder Martinez:  I learned a TON, like how to be a hard worker, and really just how to be a good missionary and stuff.
From Elder Quille:  I have learned that my desire to work hard is something in ME and not just because Elder Martinez taught me, but because I really do want to work.  Elder Quille also has a really good knowledge of the gospel, because he has more time as a member.  Elder Quille and I get along perfectly, so that’s good.

3. How is your Spanish?  
I understand just about everything….but there’s the occasional word I don’t know or some people are drunk and mumble so it’s hard to understand those people.

4.  Where are you in scripture reading?
I finished The Book of Mormon in January, and I restarted it this week.  I am in like 1 Nephi 9ish. I also started the New Testament, and I am almost done with Matthew.
You should read “Jesus the Christ”, great book.  Really changes my outlook on things.

5.  What was that blue house you took pictures in front of last week?
That is the A_______’s home.  Pretty much our home away from home.  Most of the homes here look similar.

6.  Any random thoughts?
Ha ha.  I must say, you picked well when you choose to marry Dad. It is my goal in life to become half the man that he is.  There is no man on this earth right now that I respect more than my Dad!

It was a "Selfie" kind of week in pictures:

P. Day at "Happy Land":
                                         We found an Air Hockey table at "Happy Land":
                                The Lima skyline.  If you look carefully you can see the ocean:
                                                           Up in the cerros (hills) :
                                                Elder Reschke working hard up in the hills:
 Fried rice, which was quite possibly some of the best I've eaten.  We didn't have plates or utensils, so I cut up a 2 liter bottle and made a plate and spoon.  Now, that is finding solutions!  This chifa (Chinese restaurant) in our area made the fried rice.  5 soles (1.63 American) , but it was delicious:).  There are SO many chifa restaurants here in Lima.  Fried rice is ole one of the favorite foods.
   At a Peruvian wedding:
                                      Saturday morning breakfast after soccer.  Cocoa Krispies!:
                                                               Spreading the Gospel in Peru:

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