Monday, April 13, 2015

¡Cuán Maravilloso Es La Obra Del Señor! (How wonderful is The Work.)

Hola Familia Y Amigos!

       I hope all is well. This was a great week for us here in Perú, because in our area we are starting to see some fruits. Remember that cool lady from Cusco, Christina? We are baptizing her on Saturday. She is way cool, and way ready to be baptized. We also have a baptism date set for the first Saturday in May. We have so many progressing Investigators right now, thats it’s a little tough to keep track of them all! Seven of them came to church Sunday, which was fantastic. We are working really hard teaching them all, and I only wish there were more hours in the day so that we could cover more ground. We spend about 80 percent of our time hiking around in the hills and teaching the people up there. They are very open to and grateful to hear our message. So yeah, the work is just fantastic. 

          On another note, we are preparing two families to get married for the month of May, which will be exciting. And, that also means that I get to go to the Parque De Las Aguas, (Park of Waters, they do really cool fountain presentations like Disneyland World of Color.  And, the missionaries don’t go UNLESS there is a wedding like the one in May..haha), which will be fun.

         The weather is still pretty hot, although its a little bit cooler in the mornings which is nice. We have been waking up at 5:35 A.M. to go play Fútbol with the Zone in the mornings about 3 or 4 times a week, which is really fun. 

The food is as delicious as ever. In this Ward, the members sign up to give us lunch, for example, every Wednesday for a month. So it’s a different person every day, but the same people every week, and they cook some really good traditional Peruvian plates. It’s traditional Peruvian food every day, which is awesome. And, every meal they have this stuff called ají, which is basically like super super spicy chopped up peppers and stuff, and it is really spicy and good.

          On Saturday we had a fun Zone wide activity, and it was like a Game Show contest. Those who lost had to eat these really spicy peppers called charapita. It’s like the spiciest little pepper you will ever eat in your life probably!

Sorry this email is really scattered, but I hope you all have a great week, and keep me posted on all the cool stuff that happens. I know with all my heart that this church is true, and I am so so so grateful for the opportunity that I have to share the gospel with the people of Perú.

Sending love to the shire, 
Elder Reschke.

P.S. There is this certain wild dog that always hangs around the chapel, and when the doors are open it comes roaming through the chapel. I’ve kind of grown attached to it, and named it Pablo, even though I think it's a girl. I´ll send a picture of Pablo next week.

This is a drink made with barley.  It is really good with sugar and warm milk, or sometimes I put it on my oatmeal for breakfast.  When you cook your own breakfast, you get creative:
                                  This is the Game Sow contest we had on Saturday as a Zone:
                                                                Map of our area:

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