Monday, June 1, 2015

Baptism, One-Legged Miracle, and WORLD CUP.

Hola Familia Y Amigos,

This week was just fantastic for us. This was the final week of what has been the best and happiest transfer in all my mission. Awesome companion, countless miracles, 2 baptisms, and countless spiritual experiences. 

First off, last Monday, Team Comas took 3rd place in the World Cup of 12 teams! And lemme just say, that Team Comas doesn’t play soccer very well, NEVERTHELESS, we played with a lot of heart, and took home 3rd place. I got somewhat injured in the 2nd round and couldn’t play in the other two games. I was on defense and kinda knocked a guy to the ground and in the process got kicked REALLY hard in the ankle, and so I couldn’t play cause of my foot. But it’s all good now. I’m proud of the team. We all went out for pizza afterwards which was fun.

On Wednesday, we received a reference of a man, and we went to visit him. He recently lost his leg due to diabetes and is in a wheelchair, and when we got there he didn’t want to listen to us and pretty much told us to scram. I asked him if we could at least share a scripture before we go. I turned to Alma 40, and read the scripture about the resurrection, where it says that everything will be restored to its perfect form. I told him that one day he was going to get his leg back. He paused for a second, and was like, “You really think so?”

Then he just broke down, and explained all his problems to us. He has been having a rough time without his leg, and said he has been thinking about ending his life. He had been asking and asking God for some kind of answer, and then we arrived. We gave him a powerful blessing, and then made an appointment to visit him Friday. We went Friday, and he was a completely different person. We felt the Spirit SO STRONG! He was super happy, and said that after the blessing he felt so much better and has slept in peace two nights in a row and that after listening to our message he no longer wants to end his life. He listened to our message, and is ready to read The Book of Mormon and prepare for baptism. We went to his house Sunday morning, and carried him to a moto, and brought him to church. He liked church a lot, and we are so excited to see how he progresses.

     This past Saturday, in the morning we did a HUGE service project with the Mormon Helping Hands organization, and for 3 hours we cleaned up all the garbage on the Avenida Universitaria, and it looks a LOT better. 

That night was the baptism of Joselyn. I had the privilege of baptizing her, and it was a really spiritual night. I think that she is going to be a great convert.

     Well, that's all the exciting news here in Comas. They tell us about transfers today, so stay tuned til next week!  Love ya´ll so much.

Con Amor,
Elder Reschke.

P.S.  This past Friday was the wedding of the family we are working with. We went to the big wedding ceremony, and I was the witness!  Hehe.  The cake afterwards was pretty tasty:)

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

What is the weather like now in Peru`?
The weather is really cooling down which is nice.  A lot cooler in the mornings and nights, and there is this really misty fog that rolls in, from the ocean I guess.  You can see the ocean from some parts of my area.

Did you get the package we sent?
Yes.  Thank you so much.  The sweater and tie are really good looking!  My companion says “muchas gracias” for the tie, and that it’s his favorite so he is going to use it on Sunday’s now.

What was the miracle of the week?
The one legged man, (his name is Manuel) getting him to come to church.  I am sure he is going to get baptized. 

Did you hear about Elder Perry passing away?
Yes.  I’m super sad about Elder Perry!  He was one of my favorite apostles.  I wonder who the new apostle will be? 

Transfers are tomorrow. Can you sum up this transfer?
Wow, this transfer has really been the best one of my mission.  The highest numbers all around that I have ever had, and the most miracles for sure.

What is your favorite scripture of the week?
The one in Alma 40 that we shared with Manuel.  Because this scripture opened the door for us to teach him. It’s Alma 40:23.
(The soul shall be restored to the body, and the body to the soul; yea, and every limb and joint shall be restored to it’s body; yea, even a hair of the head shall not be lost; but all things shall be restored to their proper and perfect frame.)

You have been serving your mission in Peru` for almost 10 months now.  What are your feelings about Peru`?
I love Peru` with all my heart.  (Even though carpet is practically non-existent, haha), I still love Peru` with all my heart.  The culture, the food, the Latin-American atmosphere, the music, and most of all, the people, who are the nicest, most friendly people you’ve ever met in your life.

World Cup:
                                       Fake Nike shoes.  My ankle is fine, no worries:
                                                                   At the World Cup:
                           I managed to take a picture of me and the CUP right before it was torn
                                       from my hands by the Championship Team:)  hehe:
                                         Elder Aoki and Elder Reschke at the World Cup:
                                   Peruvian sister with Elder Hilario and Elder Reschke:
       The food here is absolutely amazing.  This is Brazilian stroganoff with rice and beans.
              It was cooked by a member who just barely got back from a mission in Brazil:

                                  Team Comas ready for the World Cup:
                                       Team Comas takes third place in the World Cup:
                                        This is a selfie we took with Pablo in the chapel.
                                I believe he is the dog of a family that lives by the church,
                                  but he just roams around the neighborhood pretty much,
                                                  and practically lives in the chapel:
                                                  Elder Hilario, Joselyn, Elder Reschke:
Elder Reschke and Joselyn at her baptism:
                                                        At the baptism of Joselyn:
                                                                    Joselyn's baptism:
                              A funny picture of my companion with his "BIRTHDAY" cake.
                                    He was just playing a joke, saying it was his birthday,
                                            to the family that gave us lunch on Sunday,
                             and he didn't think they would actually buy him a birthday cake!


  1. Awesome post! That scripture was perfect for Manuel!

  2. I'm so glad everything worked out with the wedding and that you were able to enjoy it and eat cake! Wow what an amazing experience with the one legged man. I can see that story being made into a mormon message!

  3. That brazillian stroganoff actially looks pretty good .

  4. I was so touched to read about the difference your visit made to the man who has lost a leg. I'll keep him (and you) in my prayers. You are an amazing missionary! I'm honored to be your grandmother.