Monday, March 14, 2016

She Finally Got Baptized!

Hola Padres y Amigos!! 

Twas a good week for us here in good ol´ Canto Grande. We had a fun P. Day last Monday. We rented out a big nice soccer field, and hired a guy to make tacos for the whole Zone. 
When we went to pick up the tacos, he gave us some Enchiladas and Chicha Morada 
(Peruvian beverage made from purple corn. It is usually made by boiling the corn with pineapple, cinnamon, clove, and sugar) on the house while we waited. Score! But yeah it was a pretty chill week. 

On Tuesday I went on a work visit to Las Lomas and we had a good visit, finding some new people to teach. I met a nice member lady whose native language is Quechua
She learned Quechua even before she learned Spanish. Cool huh?
Wednesday we did a good but tiring service project, moving a whole pile 
of sand to somebody’s roof. 
That is my favorite type of service. 

Thursday we had to travel to Limatambo, which is the oldest stake center in Perú. 
It is where Gordon B. Hinckley went to establish the first stake in Perú, so that was kind of neat. The reason we went there is because we had a visit from two general authorities, Elder Uceda and Elder Lynn Robbins from the Seventy. It was a good meeting, and I learned a lot about how the mission prepares us for life and shapes us and molds us. Before the meeting I met up with my comp from the MTC, Elder Fullmer who is serving in the Lima East Mission, one of the "Richest missions in Lima" or so they say. 

Friday was solid, and had a good day working with Elder Beazer in my area. 
Saturday, the zone helped out with the Missionary Preparation Young Men’s activity,
 and we each got assigned some priests to work with and we took them to work hard in our areas. It was fun, and we met a lot of really cool new people. 

Saturday evening we had another baptism. We baptized Hermana R., who was SUPER happy to be baptized because she has been investigating the church for a really long time.
 She even has a son in the mission field. It was a very sweet experience, and like always, my favorite part was hearing her testimony afterwards. It was a hectic but very good day for us. 

Yesterday was a good day as well. I gave a talk in church, which was good.
 I told a story about Elder Cook from a good BYU talk called “Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ”. 

     We are super excited (my Companion and I), because in this moment we have a lot of people in our little bank of families that we are teaching. They are learning a lot and progressing very well, and if all goes as planned, we should have at least 6 baptisms in the month of April. 
We are going to keep working hard, and giving all that we have to the Lord.

Love you all so much, and I hope you all have a fantastic week. 
Elder Reschke. 

P.S. Not gonna lie I can’t think of a good P.S.,
but I write a P.S. every week,
so I don’t wanna break the streak now. 

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

Miracle of the week?
The miracle is that Sister R.  finally got baptized.

Scripture of the week?
Scripture of the week is:  
Luke 6:12, and it is dedicated to Dad:
“And it came to pass in those days, 
that he went out into a mountain to pray, 
and continued all night in prayer to God.”

Transfers are next week, any idea what will happen?
Nope, no transfers this next week.  This transfer is the special 7 week transfer instead of 6 weeks because the Latinos are going to be in the MTC for three weeks instead of two.  
So we still have two more weeks to go of this transfer.  

We want to go to the Peruvian restaurant here again, any suggestions of what to order?
Lomo Saltado, Adobu, Papa rellena, Chaufa, Milanesa, etc.

What are your plans for P. Day today?
We are going to hike up a Cerro (hill) and take pictures with the Peruvian flag. 
And don’t worry Mom, we won’t fall off, it is not a cliff, but more of like a dusty pile of dirt.

Have you eaten any really good food lately?
We ate some really good cabrito norteno the other day.  
Super tasty.

Have you gotten any letters in the mail lately?  I have been sending you letters each week through the pouch?
The last letter I got was from Kylee, a couple of weeks back.
And every now and then one from Lizzy.  
I haven’t gotten one from you in a while..maybe somebody stole the pouch..haha!

Are you happy?
Yes.  To tell you the truth, Elder Rodriguez is one of my best friends. 
We get along VERY VERY well! 

  Me and the Cerros (hills):
                                  A nice lady I met this week. Her Native tongue is Quechua.
                                  She didn't even learn Spanish until she was 15 years old (so cool):

                                       Moses!  (A.K.A. Elder Rodriguez) making me laugh.
                                       In the morning, while we were getting ready for the day,
                                       he came out of the bathroom dressed like Moses!  Hahahaha:

                                                            Baptism of Hermana R.:

                                When we were in the clerks office looking for computer paper,
                                 we lifted up the cabinet lid and found these two pieces of cake,
                                          ready to be eaten by two hungry missionaries.
                                                     It was tempting, but we didn't eat it:

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