Monday, June 27, 2016

Cotton-Eyed Joe.

Hola Familia! 

This has been a fantastic week here in Lima, Perú. On Monday, we had to say goodbye to my companion, Elder Onofre. On Tuesday, I received a new companion, Elder Cossio from La Paz, Bolivia. He is such a cool guy! We are already really good friends. We get along super well, and he is going to be my last companion of the mission. I am here in Josè Galvez still, in the last transfer of my mission, and I will be finishing up the mission as District Leader still. 

I am super excited to work hard this last month of my mission, and give my all to the Lord. 

We had a really great week actually. The highlight was definitely the baptism of Maria, and she was baptized by her son, Lee, who is our convert that got baptized a month ago. It was such a great experience, and she was so excited to be baptized. 

Afterwards, I had the privilege of baptizing a family of investigators that the Sister Missionaries have been teaching. It was the funniest baptism of my life, because during the baptism, the young single adults were having an international dance festival outside, and the music was really loud. It just so happened that when I was baptizing the sister, the American dance was going on, and Cotton Eyed Joe was playing outside, REALLY LOUD! Hahahaha then when I got out of the font to go change, somebody had taken my backpack with my dry clothes and towel, and taken it outside with them. So there were no dry clothes!! Luckily they reported it to the DJ and we found my backpack so I could change! Other than the fact that they were blasting Cotton Eyed Joe during the baptism, it was a very spiritual night, and we were able to see four people make a covenant with our Heavenly Father.

Moreover, today our beloved President John Erickson finishes his time as Mission President over the Peru Lima North Mission. We had a goodbye meeting on Friday, and we had the privilege of listening to his final testimony, and that of Sister Erickson as well. It was kind of a sad moment, when we took our last picture with Presidente Erickson. He has definitely been a very influential person in my life. At the same time, we are excited to meet the new president, Presidente Godfrey and his family.

We have one baptismal date in the moment, and that is Hermana Doris who is preparing to be baptized on the 9th of July. We have a lot of really cool investigators in the moment, including Jenny, Mariella, Ayda, and Melanie. We are excited to work with them this week so that they can come to church and prepare to be baptized before I peace out. We had some very spiritual experiences with them this week, and we really feel that they will progress quite well.

Last Monday, I received a visit from the Familia V., from Canto Grande. They came all the way from San Juan De Lurigancho to my area to see me. If that isn’t affection, I don´t know what is. I was so happy to share a few moments with them, and to be able to see the four of them once again. We had a little dinner, and they brought me some gifts from Tarapoto, in the Jungle. They are one of the coolest families I have met here, and it was a privilege to be able to see them again.

Well, sorry for such a long email, it was an eventful week. 
I love you all so much, and I hope you all have a fantastic week. 
I love being a missionary. I love the Lord. I love Perù.

Con Mucho Amor Y Cariño, 
Elder Jacob Reschke

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week.

You will be home in 5 weeks!  What foods are you hungry for?
Mom’s home-cooked food…….Sunday roast beef dinner, tamale pie,
chicken with homemade noodles, and that zucchini cut in match sticks with chicken and brown rice.  Ohhh How tasty.  Oh and your lasagna!
Also, Cafe Rio, Wendy’s Frosty’s, Trio's,  REAL MILK (not the bagged stuff I’ve been drinking for two years), chocolate milk of course, and Great Harvest Pumpkin Bread!

My new companion, Elder Cossio from La Paz, Bolivia:
               Saying good-bye to President and Sister Erickson.  It was sad saying good-bye:
                                                                            My area:
                                                       Baptism of Maria by her son:
                           The family I baptized this week that the Sisters have been teaching:
                                                                    Hola from Perú:
                                          Sharing the book I love with the people I love:

                           One last picture of President (and Sister) Erickson that we love:


  1. I'm getting so excited to see Jake again!

  2. I like your grey suit Jake! So crazy you are in your last area of the mission!!! And so funny about Cotton Eye Joe ha ha

  3. The Cotton Eye Joe thing made me laugh out loud! That would be hard to get through the baptism without laughing I think... Can't wait to see you soon!