Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hola! Final Kick of the race called CCM. Week 4 at the CCM. (Mexico City MTC)

Hola Everybody! 
How goes it! This will probably be a pretty scattered email because it was a pretty random week. 

First of all, they have been teaching us the Mexican Anthem, because Mexican Independence Day is coming up and we are performing it at the Fiesta. The Fiesta they are going to have is apparently going to be really cool with like real food and Mexican Dancing Lessons. I almost feel like I get to serve two missions: Mexico, and Peru. Our teacher told us that from the fourteenth through the sixteenth of September we shouldn´t plan on getting any sleep at all. Because the entire country will be having fiestas with loud music and fireworks and shooting guns into the air. ALL NIGHT. FOR THREE NIGHTS. He said the fiestas will be over around six a.m. but that's when we wake up so it doesn´t really make a difference. Haha I am pretty excited though!

 FYI the Ice Cream Sandwiches are amazing, and better than Fat Boys because they don't stick to your fingers.

 So I decided the Mexican's absolutely do not care about safety. Nobody wears helmets and they will stack a gazillion people in the back or on top of a truck. Haha.

 It's really fun to see how you guys are getting along back in the ol´ US of A. Oh and thanks for all the letters, because getting a letter is the most amazing feeling in the world. 

We are still playing a lot of Fútbol and Volleyball. I´m pretty much Ronaldo by now. Or at least I think I am until the Latinos come play with us. Then I just feel like a kindergartner playing soccer against Ronaldo. 

But the guys in our Casa are super tight. We were feeling American on Friday Night, so we had a little chill time with ¨cold Rootbeer on a Friday Night, a pair of Jeans that fit just right and the Soundtrack music Oooonnnn¨ (I think Lizzy Andy and maybe McKenna will be the only ones who get that reference.) But P. Day is pretty much like our weekly Christmas, so that's pretty awesome. Oh if you guys could keep me updated on who BYU plays each week and the score of the game that would be pretty sweet. 

On the more spiritual side of things, the lessons are going great. Elder Fullmer and I are getting pretty good at teaching lessons and answering investigators questions in Spanish, so that is cool. Even though we pretty much just teach teachers and other districts, the Spirit is always so strong. Because it's not us thats the teacher, it is the Spirit that is the teacher. 

To be completely honest, this has been one of the hardest but one of the best months of my life at the same time. I am so grateful for the opportunity to dedicate 24/7 of my time to the Lord´s work. I learned this week that the spirit speaks to each of us in a different way. What way does the spirit speak to you guys?
Everytime we all gather as missionaries and sing  "Called to Serve" in Spanish, the Spirit is always way strong. I joined the MTC choir and get to sing at the devotional. Tenor, Like Usual:) and in Español, Like Usual:)

 We saw some pictures of Peru the other day and I can´t even tell you how excited I am to get there. The work of the Lord is real, and there are 80,000 full time missionaries in the world, but that doesn´t mean every one of you cant be a missionary. Go out there tomorrow and find somebody´s life you can change. And like Elder Holland said,  "Astonish Somebody". Because the worth of souls is great in the sight of God. Love you all so much, and keep being the amazing support that you are.
 Love Always,
 Elder Reschke

P.S. I won some Movie Tickets Redeemable in Mexico in a package of Cookies. Or at least I think that is what I won, if I translated it right. Too bad I can't go to movies, but if any of you are ever in Mexico, I will leave the tickets under a rock outside the Tienda, and you can swing by the CCM and get them. Good Date Night Maybe?:)

                                                             Elder Reschke selfie:

                                                     Elder Reschke and Elder Osbourne:
                          Elder Reschke and an Elder who looks like Christan (Jake's friend):
                                                  Big slide behind the misisonary housing:

Chillin' on a Friday night with the boys, drinking rootbeer.
(The shoes Elder Reschke is wearing are not shoes he left home with.)

                                                                    Stacks of chairs:
                                                           P. Day volleyball today:


  1. What a fun week! I can't wait to hear from him next week and hear about the giant fiesta!

  2. His letters seriously crack me up. It's like he is on a fun vacation. Love to read.