Thursday, September 18, 2014

Off to Peru. Week 5 at the CCM. (Mexico City MTC)

Hola Amigos Y Familia!

     How goes it? Things are just dandy down here at the CCM. Its crazy how fast people sift through here. You get to be such good friends with a district of people, and then they fly off to San Antonio or wherever and you will probably never see them again! But this was a good week. I really do love Sunday's here. They are so spiritual and awesome. 

     Monday was a way cool day. We got all this authentic Mexican candy, and they decorated the whole comedor with Red White and Green. These people go all out. We had a fiesta that night. They had all these Mexican dancers put on a show for us. Mexican music was going, and they had all these colorful dresses and sombreros and stuff. Their costumes looked like Chevy Chase and Steve Martin in that movie "The Three Amigos" after that, they had a flag ceremony, and they did the "Grita por Independencia" which apparently is like a pretty big deal. They rung this bell, and we all shouted "¡VIVA MÉXICO!" over and over, and then they shot off these big booming fireworks. We then sung the Mexican National Anthem. That night, pretty much everyone in México was having a fiesta. Loud Mexican music, and shooting off fireworks ALL NIGHT. When I woke up at six thirty the next morning I´m pretty sure one of the parties was still going. Oh and in Mexico they put spicy chili powder in their candy! Its pretty good, but definitely different. Neat experience to be here for the Dia De Independencia. 

     We got our travel plans on Tuesday, and I leave the CCM for Perú at eleven A.M. Monday morning. So I only have a few days left. It is going to be such an adventure, I can't wait. I will have some buddies to fly with so that will be good.

     On Tuesday we got to watch a live devotional from Provo that was broadcasted to all the MTC's in the world. I was in the choir and we sung  "Nearer My God to Thee" in spanish before Richard G. Scott spoke. He gave a great talk about how we can pray and receive revelation from the Holy Ghost. It was fantastic. The opening song on the broadcast was "Called to Serve", and on the broadcast that were all singing in English, so we were to. But then our Mission President stood up and put his arms out like, "What are you guys doing!?" So then immediately it changed to Spanish. It was kind of funny. 

    * We had a way good devotional from the CCM director, and he read us this old french poem called "Come To The Edge." Go look it up, because it is pretty good. 

     We still play some pretty intense games of fútbol during gym, and that's always fun. 

     Last night we taught another person via Skype. Her name was Luz, and she was really nice. We talked to her about revelation and blessings she can receive through church attendance. It was a good lesson, but at the last minute we got put on splits so I taught with this kid that is not my companion. We did pretty well though!

     I have been thinking a lot this week about faith. There is a scripture out there that says something like trust in the Lord and lean not upon your own understanding. I never really knew what that second part meant until I realized that we just need to trust in Heavenly Father one hundred percent, and do what he would have us do, not what we would have ourselves do. Faith is such a huge part of having happiness and joy in our lives. My time here has been an adventure, but in a few days I head out on the second leg of this fantastic journey. Hope all is well back home.

Love Always,
Elder Reschke

*Poem from CCM Mission President:

“Come to the edge, he said.
We are afraid, they said.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came to the edge,
He pushed them and they flew.
Come to the edge, Life said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, Life said.
They came. It pushed them...
And they flew.”

Mexico City CCM:

                                                 Looks like Elder Reschke has the top bunk:
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                                                        How they celebrate in Mexico:

                                                                       P. Day again:

                                                           Elder Reschke's District:

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