Monday, October 20, 2014

Hola from Peru!

Hola Everyone! 

I´m gonna go ahead and apologize right now that my emails are so random and scattered! haha. Another busy awesome week in Peru. My one month mark in Peru is today! 

I ate chicken feet this week! It kinda had the consistency of human fingers, with SHARP little toenails. Also ate a mystery meat which we are 87% sure was horse. I think the market is one of my favorite parts of Peru. Because everyday these farm trucks just show up full of lettuce or bananas or whatever, and live chickens that they just slaughter on the spot and hang the whole chicken from a hook, and pigs heads and stuff like that! It is pretty crazy. But the fruit here is good!

Last week we went to Plaza Norte which is a big nice mall kind of like Fashion Place. They have this one hallway just full of Peruvian stuff for sale! I´ll start taking orders now, and fill up my suitcase before I come home in 2 years. I bought this really nice knitted alpaca sweater with llamas on it for like ten American dollars.

There are hundreds of homeless dogs out on the streets that just eat garbage. I carry a rock with me everywhere I go to fend them off, but the other day we stole Elder Aoki´s Dog Dazer. Best. Thing. Ever. 

Half of my área is nice and flat, but the other half is steep dirt hills that we hike up. Dad you would like it here because we get to hike just about every day! haha. The motos are a good mode of transportation but funny because they are so small but people trick them out and add big mud flaps, big stereo systems, and funky blue lights. I´ll send a picture of a moto, and you are never going to believe that we fit six people in there!

I think I’ve eaten just about every ítem from the Peruvian cookbook, except Ceviche which the people love but missionaries are not allowed to eat. Arroz con leche is my favorite. Basically rice and sweetened condensed milk with cloves and nutmeg. It is the best!

The work of the Lord is going absolutely fantastically. Is that a word? Anyway, we have so many people to teach that we can’t even keep up with them all. The lessons are awesome, and so spiritual. People are so open to our message and want to hear more. The baptism of our awesome investigators, Elsa and Osvely is this week, and we are way excited. We have actually started teaching their sister and dad who are way interested, and they brought their cousin and little niece to church on Sunday. So the whole family is interested, and progressing very rapidly. 

When I first got my call I thought it would be hard teaching lessons in Spanish, but now it just seems natural. I don’t even think in English sometimes anymore. I understand that we as missionaries don’t know all the answers. But, I just let the Spirit be the teacher, and bear testimony, and you can’t go wrong with that. I really love the opportunity that we have to study the Góspel so much everyday, I am learning so much. 

I heard a quote from President Uchtdorf that said  "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. We must never allow doubt to hold us prisoner and keep us from the divine love, peace, and gifts that come through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ."  I just know that the Lord everyday is strengthening me, and I can feel all of your prayers every day. Thank you so much!

Much Love, 
Elder Reschke

P.S. When Elder Cristopherson gave his talk did he actually say “BUENOS DIAS” in the beginning, or was that just a translation?:)

                                                  Elder Reschke's new sweater made from alpaca:
                                               The mode of transportation for missionaries:
                                                        Elder Reschhke and Elder Koji Aoki:
                                                               Chicken Foot Soup:
                                                                The market in Peru:
                                                                     Sunset in Peru:
                                                        Elder Reschke and Elder Aoki:
                                                      Halloween package from home:

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  1. Wow one month in Peru already! I love his new sweater, so cool! And that chicken foot just looks wrong ha.