Monday, October 27, 2014

The Work is Great!

Hola Familia Y Amigos!
This was a really good week. The highlight was definitely my first baptism, but I will talk more about that in a second. First, let me give you the list of the strange foods I have tried so far! Here goes: chicken feet, chicken liver, cow liver, horse (I think), fermented potato soup that’s supposed to be really good for fending off colds, but personally I would rather have a cold than choke that stuff down, and last but not least, Guinea Pig!

So they don’t really have cross walks here, you kinda just have to go for it. I have had some close calls with a couple motos, and I have already accepted the fact that I am going to get hit at one point in the next two years. They are so tiny though, the only thing that would hurt is my pride.

I am kind of becoming a tight wad with money, because things are so cheap down here. One Sol is about thirty cents, and so if I see something that is five soles it's like two dollars but I say, "NO way that’s a ripoff!"

I realized this week that there are a lot of things in the U.S. that I took for granted, like soft serve ice cream machines for example. We found one the other day and got so excited! My new favorite snack is Canchita, which is basically roasted popcorn kernels that never popped into popcorn. Everyone has it and its amazing. I still want to send a picture of all the whole chickens and pig heads hanging up in the marketplace, but if I take out my camera there somebody will snatch it up and take off.

Last night the sky was pretty clear and we could actually see the ocean off in the distance! That was pretty neat.

On the more spiritual side of things, the baptism this week was fantastic. I baptized Osvely, and Elder Martinez baptized her mom. The Spirit was way strong. I had the opportunity to confirm her the next day in Sacrament Meeting, which was probably the most out of my comfort zone I have ever been, but with the gift of tongues, it went just great. They are so happy to be members of the church, and now we are teaching her sister and dad and last night we set up a baptismal date for them. They absolutely know it is true and are excited to be baptized. 

Last night we were looking for an address up in the hills and I noticed some people who needed a bunch of couches and chairs moved up the hill. We ran up and carried their couches up this steep dirt hill and brought them into their house for them. They were really grateful and sat us down and gave us some wantons and Inka Kola. They then listened intently as we taught them about the Plan of Salvation. They are way interested and want to learn more, so we set up another appointment. Just goes to show that a little service goes a long way, and that the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Joseph Smith said that the message of the restored gospel will travel the entire earth until it has sounded in every ear of every land. It is so neat to see that prophecy being fulfilled, and I am honored to be a part of it. The work of the Lord is so real, and I can feel each and every one of your prayers strengthening me every day. Love you all so much.

Elder Reschke 

P.S. My new favorite band is called Corazon Serrano. When they had the elections, one of the candidates brought Corazon Serrano to our area and had a free concert in the streets. All of Peru loves Corazon Serrano, so of course they voted for that guy and he won the election!

Questions Elder Reschke answered today:

 What are some of the things you eat each day?
Lunch we eat with a different member or investigator every day. Always they have some kind of noodle soup with random chicken parts floating in it, and then they bring out either papas rellenas, or chicken and potatoes, and always a TON of rice. The Relief Society President likes to cook fish for us, and they usually have spicy sauce homemade, or homemade huancayina sauce. They eat a TON of carbs here like rice and potatoes.

Breakfast is usually an egg sandwich with this juice she just puts bagged milk in the blender with bananas and blends it up. IT’S WAY GOOD!

You said that you love the fruit there.  What kind of fruit do you eat?
Maracuya is my favorite, but also mangos, sugarcane, mandarin oranges, avocados, REALLY good watermelon, and they sell super cheap pineapple on the street that I want to try. I think my favorite food of all time here is Arroz con Leche. And Hermana Norma makes really good arroz con leche

What is the laundry situation?
The Pensionistas wash my clothes and iron them which is pretty sweet. While other missionaries are cooking and doing laundry on P. Days we are out exploring and having fun because the Pensionistas take care of all that.

Have you seen a llama?
The llamas of Peru are in the south of Peru by Machu Picchu but I think I will probably see one when we visit the center of Lima sometime!

Do you get to run at all?
We get to run about three times a week or so! I am definitely the one who initiates it. Nobody in Peru runs for fun except for me, I have decided. I haven’t seen anyone else running.  The fĂștbol is always so fun.  Somehow I made it onto the Latino Team so that was a blast! 

What is your testimony like? 
My testimony is getting stronger and stronger every day! I need to write it out someday. I have amazing spiritual experiences every day down here, it’s so neat! It really is so amazing having Elder Aoki here to help me out! And, the Peruvians really are amazing people. They are all so nice. They are teaching me Quechua! 
                                                            Osvley's baptism:

                                                         Baptism of Elsa and Osvely:
                                  Eder Reschke, Osvely, Elsa, and Elder Martinez at baptism:
                                                            Elsa and Osvely's baptism:
             Elder Reschke can always find chocolate milk!  It might be in a bag, in Peru,
                                                                but it IS chocolate milk:
                                                                     In town:
                                                        Up in the hills of Elder Reschke's area:
                                                     Overlooking the city of Lima:

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