Monday, September 7, 2015

New skills.

Hola Familia Y Amigos,

This was a good week for us here in Año Nuevo, Comas. After crazy last week, this week was pretty chill.

So Wednesday we did a cool Service Project. We went to help out our converts Arturo and Christina that we baptized in April. We brought sheets of tin to repair their tin roof, and we also constructed a big overhang thing to have shade outside their house. I instantly had flashbacks to my treehouse building days, hahaha. So now, I guess you could say I’m an expert on skills that I may need to use back in the United fixing electrical showers and constructing tin roofs. 

It’s been a good week with the Investigators. Mia is preparing for her baptism, and Marina as well. We met a cool girl named Carolina who was a reference from a RM in the Ward, and she accepted the baptismal date in the first lesson, which is exciting. We are also working with Marcos, who has been progressing really nicely. He is progressing very nicely, and today we are going to attack the baptismal date with him. 

 Anyways, its been a pretty chill week. I hope all is well, and thank you for all the prayers. We have been seeing miracles here in the area, so I know that all these prayers are helping a ton. 

Love you all so much,
 Elder Reschke. 

P.S.  Cultue note:  This week I tried Tocosh. (Tocosh is a traditional Quechua food prepared from fermented potato pulp.  It has a strong odor and flavor.  It can be used as a natural antibiotic because penicillin is produced during the fermentation process.  Medicinally it is used for the common cold.  The Incas believed it was a gift from God for preservation of the body.)  It’s this famous Peruvian dish, but you have to have a stomach of steel to eat it.  Ummm… kinda have to plug your nose and eat it like they eat things on Fear Factor.  But, yeah it’s like natural medicine.  Seems like something Mom would like.  It was funny because my companion and I were just about to leave, and they said they had already served tocosh inside.  So I was like, yeah, yeah let’s go eat tocosh.  And Elder Ramirez did not have a choice.   

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

What is the weather like now?
The weather is getting hot again.  And so winter in Peru is not really winter.  It’s really just an eternal summer!

How is the training going for Elder Ramirez?
Elder Ramirez is progressing very well.  He finishes his training after this change.

                                              Service Project constructing a new tin roof:
                                                          Our construction skills:
                                                              The kitchen in our room:
                        The bread we bought with like 60 American cents, not bad, huh?
                                       With my Peruvian friends Arturo and Christina who were
                                                                   baptized in April:

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  1. Who would have thought your treehouse-building skills would be put to use on your mission!