Monday, August 31, 2015

Apostle, Wedding, and 6 Baptisms.

Hola Familia Y Amigos!

This has been a super awesome jam-packed week. We had transfers on Monday, but as I expected I get to stick around with Elder Ramirez to finish training him! That means I will have 7.5 months here in Comas

      Thursday, we woke up at 4 a.m. and headed over towards the Center of Lima to the first Stake Center established in PerĂº. There we waited for a while, and in walked in Elder David A. Bednar. I can’t even describe the powerful spirit that swept over the room as he walked in. We were privileged to have 3 hours with him, and it honestly felt like 3 minutes. It was great to see the casual side of an apostle. He started by saying...okay lets be honest. Every time an apostle talks you guys write down every word they say. Then, you don’t even read those notes later on, and in the end you can’t even find them. So, the question is, if you are going to take pages and pages of notes, which you won’t even read, which you will ultimately lose, then how effective is that!?!? haha but then he didn’t even give a was a new format of teaching that he was trying to teach us. Instead of talk talk talk talk talk, he just did a really cool interactive teaching experience, where he just asked a bunch of questions to us and let us ask him questions, so that in the end, we really taught ourselves by the personal revelation that we received. Building instead of talking. I really like that new method, and am going to apply it to my Investigators. It was amazing. IN the end he stood up to bear his testimony, and it was one of the most powerful testimonies I have heard, and he left an apostolic blessing on us that we will all be able to receive this type of personal revelation through the Holy Ghost. It was such a neat experience. 

       Friday was the long awaited wedding!! It was a fun day, and it was nice that all the wedding papers worked out and everything. We had a little more room to breathe!! I was the witness, and so forever they will have my signature on their wedding certificate!! name is also on the wedding invitation...spelled Resqui. hehe. But we all took a cool picture with President Erickson and his wife after the wedding. Bety and Henry are super happy to finally be married, and are preparing to enter the temple in a year to be sealed together forever. 

     Saturday came, the best part of the week, and perhaps the best day I have had in all my mission. We were privileged to bring six people from my area to the waters of baptism. Henry and Bety who got married, their two kids Naysha and Erick, and their Nephew Alex and Neice Rosmeri. I can’t even describe the Spirit we felt as they were baptized one by one. I know that the angels up in the heavens were rejoicing, and they are so so so happy to finally be baptized. The best part of it all was, that in one year they will be able to go to the temple and be sealed so that they can live together forever. I am so honored to be the missionary to have taught them, and
they will forever have a special place in my heart.

     My dear family and friends, my heart is full in this moment. I am so content to have this grand opportunity to be an instrument in God´s hands, and help bring the Peruvian people to the knowledge and light of the truth. I know this work is true. This opportunity that I have for two years is the work of helping families be eternal.  I love Peru, I love the Peruvian People, and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ

Love, Elder Reschke.

P.S. Manuel, our one-legged friend received the Melchizedek Priesthood yesterday, and is super happy!

P.S.S. There was a pigeon trapped in the chapel, and we were trying to shoo it out with a broom, but we accidentally hit it in the head and it went crazy and now there is pigeon blood all over the ceiling. We never could shoo it out, and it is still in the chapel. 

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

What was the miracle of the week?
The miracle of the week is that a family took their first steps towards being an eternal family.

Scripture of the week?
3 Nephi 27:20:  "Now this is the commandment:  Repent, all ye ends of the earth, and come unto me and be baptized in my name, that ye may be sanctified by the reception of the Holy Ghost, that ye may stand spotless before me at the last day."

                       Elder Reschke and Elder Ramirez at the meeting to listen to Elder Bednar:
                                         "High on a mountain top.  A banner is unfurled.":
                     Three Generations:  Elder Martinez who was Elder Reschke's Trainer, and
                                      Elder Ramirez who Elder Reschke is now training:

                                                         The wedding of Bety and Henry:

                                                 At the wedding of Henry and Bety:
                                                                      Wedding pictures:
                                                                     At the wedding:
                                                The wedding couple and the witnesses:

The wedding group with President and Sister Erickson:

Elder Reschke and Elder Hilario are the witnesses for the wedding:
                                                          The pigeon in the chapel:
                                       Elder Rameriz and Elder Reschke preparing to baptize:
                                        "Perhaps the best day I have had in all my mission":
                                                                   Before the baptisms:
                                                          Family at the baptisms:
A family is baptized:
                                                        Elder Reschke baptizes Alex:
                                                 Henry, the father of the family is baptized:
                                                                  The wedding party:
Elder Hilario and Elder Reschke, preaching the Gospel in Peru:  


  1. I don't think you can top that week!

  2. All those beautiful Peruvians in white...what a beautiful site. That is a great week for Elder Reschke!