Wednesday, August 12, 2015

One Year Mark.

Thoughts from Elder Reschke's mom:

One year ago today, Elder Reschke was set apart as a full-time missionary.
I have been thinking a lot about him today.
And, missing him a lot today as well.
As I walked out to get my mail this afternoon, this is what I found,
a postcard from Peru:
I always teased that I was glad of e-mail because I 
can't read this guy's  handwriting:
                                                            This is what it said:
"Hola Mama`!
Greetings from Lima Peru`.
Your lil' baby is all grown up and preaching
the Restored Gospel to the remainder of the 
Lamanites all the way in South America.
I have learned and grown so much in my mission thus far,
and have had so many incredible experiences that have
changed my life.  I'm so honored to be a worthy servant
of the Lord, and I won't stop sharing the Gospel until this
message has brushed every street and sounded in every ear.
Con Mucho Amor, 
Elder Jacob Reschke"

I have only ever gotten one other letter via  U.S. mail from Elder Reschke
in the past year.  I am not sure if he sent it through the pouch or what.
How amazing that it arrived exactly on his one year mark.
I consider it a little "tender mercy" from Heavenly Father.
Honestly, this truly made my day.  Gosh, it even made my year!

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  1. Aw this made me cry! How amazing you would get a card when you needed it! I knew Jake would be a great missionary!