Monday, August 3, 2015

Life is good.

Hola Familia Y Amigos:) 

How goes it? It has been a very tough, but very rewarding week here in Perú! Training a new companion is a lot more work than you would expect! But, Elder Ramirez is learning a ton, and is going to be an excellent missionary.    

P. Day was good...we caught the bus to Tahuantinsuyo and played Fútbol, and then as a District had a Lomo Saltado (Traditional Peruvian dish, a stir fry that typically combines marinated strips of beef steak, with onions, tomatoes, and other ingredients, served with fried potatoes slices and rice) for lunch in the market. We then got Ice Cream and went to explore the Huaca, which is a cool archeological sight by our area. 

This week we worked on the baptismal dates. If all goes as planned we are going to be able to baptize 2 families this month for a total of 8 baptisms. The thing is that we have to marry one of the families. The birth certificates of one of them is in this little tiny village off in mountains of Perú, and they don’t have internet connection or telephones. To get the certificate, we had to contact a neighboring village, and they have a telephone, and so they had to page her brother who lives in the little tiny village and tell him to come get his phone call, and then he would have to come down from the mountains in his truck. They then have to find the certificate in a big giant book, and type up a copy of it on a typewriter and send it on a bus on it’s way to Lima. Wow this is an issue I never thought I would encounter! Ha ha, so, just so ya know, while the rest of the world has its iPads and Smartphones, there are still little villages that don’t have telephones yet! But,  I know that everything will turn out fine and this family will be ready to get baptized on the 29th!

Wow we have been so blessed with so many people to teach, it is absolutely amazing.

We had another Family Home Evening, with Super Piñata version 2.0. This time, along with the candy and cookies, we put a bunch of potatoes, carrots, beats, Elder Hilario’s name tag and a chicken foot to top it off. But, everyone had a good time! 
On another note, Manuel, our one legged friend, is preparing to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood! He is as excited as ever. Ingrid and Joselyn our two converts here have received callings! They are Ward Missionaries! So, they have to stand by the doors and welcome everyone and hand out the hymnbooks, and visit people. As the missionaries that baptized them, we are very proud of the members that they have become.

But yeah, that was our week. We are super excited for the baptisms of Susy, Lola, Alex, Rosemeri, Henry, Bety, Erick, and Naysha. I have no idea where these people came from all of the sudden, but I know that the Lord has been preparing their hearts.

The work of the Lord is so marvelous, and I know that it will continue until the Restored Gospel has brushed every street and sounded in every ear.

 Love you all so much,
Con Mucho Amor,
 Elder Reschke. 

P.S. My new favorite breakfast is an avocado sandwich, with Quinoa to drink. You gotta try it sometime:)

P.S.S. I finished my rabbit skin hymnbook case! Pictures are on the way.

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

Miracle of the week?
Miracle is that they moved the wedding date back a week so that we will be able to marry this family, AND the new baptismal date just happens to be two days after the 8th birthday of the son, so he can be baptized the same day as his parents now!

Scripture of the week?
Scripture of the week is Alma 30 (look it up), when Korihor enters the scene. (And Alma says to him, how can you still not believe after having received so many witnesses?)  Sometimes, I think Heavenly Father sends us so many witnesses and signs, but we need to soften our hearts and BELIEVE!

What is the weather like?
It has been a little cooler this week, with little beads of misty rain hanging around the air all day.

What do you eat for breakfast?
Avocado sliced up on baguette bread with a tad bit of salt.  Super tasty.
Also we have been having a Quiona Drink.  It is like a hot drink, like oatmeal
but more watery.  We buy it in the street and quiona is SUPER healthy.  That’s why the Incan’s were in such good shape! 

Do you wear your sweaters?
Yeah, I wear the sweaters.

What are you doing for P. Day today?
I think we are going to play Ultimate Frisbee and have lunch.

Are you happy?
Yes!  Life is good, and I am definitely having the time of my life.

                                                             Peruvian Independence Day:
                                                                Mural in Peru:
                                                                P. Day exploring:
                                                   Elder Ramirez and Elder Reschke:
                                                                  P. Day exploring:


  1. Awesome post as usual! I am glad he is so happy!

  2. Wow what a fun time. I can't believe what a different mission Peru is in comparison to North America.