Monday, August 10, 2015

Faith, Love, and Charity.

Hola Familia Y Amigos! 

The big news of the week is that Elder Bednar is going to come to Lima to speak to us! 
I am beyond excited to hear what he has to say! This is going to be such a neat experience. 

We had a good week. For P. Day, we watched a Disney movie and ordered pizza. It was a fun day. Wednesday, we continued our service project of making a tire staircase for our beloved hill, La Cruz.  It’s coming along quite nicely! 

This week was really busy for us, because we are preparing nine people with a baptismal date. Three families included in this nine. Every one of them has different needs, and we are working hard to prepare them for their baptisms. We had 12 Investigators come to church yesterday, which I think is a new personal record for me. The other companionship in the Ward had like 11, which means District Año Nuevo is killin' it! 

I am so amazed to see what this week brings! We are focusing a lot on Bety, Henry, and their two kids. They need to get married still, so it all depends on if the birth certificate arrives from the little village in Junin in time. I don’t know how, but we finally established contact with the little village that doesn’t even have phones, internet, cable, or radio. Now we just have to cross our fingers! 

We are working super hard, and I would really appreciate all of your prayers for us. I know you’re already praying, but keep it up please! 

Oh by the way, somebody should hit up the Peruvian Restaurant in Salt Lake and let me know what they have, I’m kinda curious.  But yeah, that’s about all that is new this week. 

        I was reading a lot in the Book of Mormon about faith this week. I think that a lot of us have really forgotten the true definition of faith. Remember, that faith and fear cannot coincide. We need to leave behind all doubt, and look to the future with a firmness in our faith in Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus Christ made possible that we can overcome the adversary. I know that we need to put our trust in him one hundred percent, and not be like Lot’s wife. She looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt. I don’t think anyone here wants that. If we can make little steps every day to increase our faith and testimony in the Lord, Jesus Christ, we are going to see MIRACLES. Miracles that we didn’t even think were possible. I testify of that, because I have seen that type of Miracles every day for the last year. I have been reflecting a lot on the things that I have learned this past year, and I think everything I have learned can be concentrated in three words: Faith, Love, and Charity. 

I love you all so much, and thanks for being such a support. One year down, one year and a lifetime of miracles to go. 

Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Reschke

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

Miracle of the week?
The Miracle is that we were able to contact the little village in  Junin to send us the birth certificate.

Scripture of the week?
The scripture in Alma 32:28 (look it up) where it talks about how our faith is like a seed and we need to make room in our hearts for this faith to grow into a tree so that someday we can enjoy the delicious fruit.  

Weather update?
The weather is a lot colder!  Kinda Chilly!

How are things going with training your new companion?
It has been a really good week.  Elder Ramirez is progressing quite well and learning a lot, and I love him.  The Lord has definitely prepared the Peruvians to hear the gospel.  I am glad Elder Rameriz has come to the mission in the midst of all this!  

What are you doing for P. Day today?
For P. Day today I suggested that we invite another Zone to Comas and rent this giant soccer field with REAL grass (it’s worth 3 soles).  So, that’s what they are doing. AND, it’s funny because the person that suggests something always gets put in charge, so yeah we are going to have a fun P. Day. 
Ciao Ciao, Elder Reschke

                                                       Visiting a home on the hill:
                                                                Sign on the hill:
                                          We were teaching an Investigator,
                          they got up for a minute and their dog jumped up in the chair:
                    Elder Ramirez and Elder Reschke working on the service project on the hill:
                    Elder Ramirez, Elder Lopez, Elder Reschke working on the path up to the hill:
         Elder Lopez, Elder Ramirez, Elder Reschke, Elder Hilario working on the path up the hill:
                                                           Sign on the mountain:

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