Monday, December 14, 2015

A Night In The Hospital.

Hola Familia Y Amigos! 

This was a very event filled week here in the Zona Carabayllo. For P. Day Monday, we went to Mega Plaza and ate some tasty burgers in Chili's. 

Tuesday we had a good Zone meeting, and I gave a training about the importance of working with members. I made a connection to the Book of Momon: Ammon was the missionary, the kingdom of King Lamoni was the new Ward, and King Lamoni was the Bishop. Everything fell into place perfectly, until we got to the verse that said King Lamoni was so pleased that he gave one of his daughters to Ammon to wife. hehehe.

After the Zone meeting, I had to go to the hospital and spent 24 hours there with one of our missionaries who is there with a really bad ear infection. But hey, at least the mission offices brought me breakfast lunch and dinner. Lemme just say, that the hospital sofa, was Peruvian Sized. Which means it was like two feet short of being full body length!! Luckily the other Elders came the next day to rescue me!

This week, in the area, and we had a good week teaching people. We got some really good references so we should have some good new Investigators. 

       Saturday, we had the baptism of our Investigator, John. He was super excited to be baptized, and it was a good spiritual experience for us. 

Sunday, I did a division with an older Brother from the Ward, named Hermano C.____.   He is super cool! He has been everything...Bishop, Stake President, etc, and now he just has the desires to leave the house every Sunday and do missionary work! He is teaching me some new phrases in Quechua, because he is fluent! 

That’s all thats new here in good ol' Carabayllo. Oh, yesterday I got to bless the sacrament in Spanish for the first time ever! That was a neat experience. Five minutes before the meeting started, they told us we had to give talks. I gave a talk on the real meaning of Christmas. How this should be a time of year when we can all preach the gospel to those who need it. 

We all need to focus more on our Savior,  Jesus Christ, and the amazing atoning sacrifice that he made for us, because he loves us. 
That is why I am so happy to be here as a missionary, 
and have one more amazing Navidad Peruana.

 Love you all, and hope you all have an amazing day. 
Elder Reschke. 

P.S. We are ordering some sweet Santa hats with our names sewn on them for Christmas...we also sent out a Zone-wide Christmas card. 

P.S.S. I am attaching a picture of an authentic blow dart gun made by a native tribe, that came straight out of the depths of the Peruvian jungle. 

P.S.S:S: I had to laugh while I was in the bathroom doing my hair the other day...One of the missionaries from Bolivia was exploring the room a little bit and he happened to find the turtle cookies from home,  which were hidden, and he reads in the most Latino accent ever:


*Note from Mom:  No Pictures today.

                                                       Authentic blow dart gun:

                                                                  Baptism of John:

                             Brother C.  Who just loves doing missionary work with his time:

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