Monday, December 21, 2015

Feliz Navidad Peruana.

¡Feliz Navidad Y Prospero Año Nuevo Para Todos! 
(Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!)

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season, I know I am. The Zone is doing fantastic.
 We had a pretty chill P. Day…we ate lunch at KFC and then practiced our Zone skit for the mission wide Christmas party. We are doing a Secret Santa within the Zone, which is fun.
For my person, I specially ordered an Andean Hymn Book Cover from the temple with their name sewed on it. As a Zone, we sent out a Zone-wide Christmas card and had it professionally printed by a graphic designer, we also ordered a Zone t-shirt, and custom Christmas santa hats with the logo of the mission and our names sewed on them.
 (That’s right, I’ve got connections).

*It is with sadness that I tell you I have received some sad news.
 My one-legged friend, and recent Convert, Manuel passed away.
 It is sad, but I am also glad that he was able to have, through the gospel,
 a little more comfort and peace in  his last six months on earth.

     On Tuesday we had a good Zone meeting, and I gave a good training on
which is something that this Zone needs. I shared a good story
 about a missionary in Paraguay that saw miracles.
The story came from a BYU talk called “Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

     It was a good week of work visits. We visited a guy and when we got to his house
 he was finishing up the hour long version of the Joseph Smith movie.
 He was a brand new Investigator, and we have no idea how he found the movie.
We were also able to set the baptismal date with an Investigator in Santa Luisa. 
Over in the Habana, we had a baptism, and we had a very spiritual lesson with a lady about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the Spirit of Christmas. It was miraculous.
Yesterday on a visit with the Sister Missionaries we met a really intelligent guy who gives conferences on sociology and theology and answered a ton of his awesome questions about
The Planning of Salvation. He’s got some potential. 

     Overall, it has been a good Christmasy week here in my beloved Peru.
We have been drinking hot chocolate (even though its like a million degrees outside)
 and eating a lot of Panetón.

I was surprised with a phone call this morning with some good news.
 Nancy, one of my Investigators, and the mother of two of my Converts in Año Nuevo, Joselyn and Ingrid, is getting baptized this Saturday. I still vividly remember the day we felt the Spirit when we saw her hill (cerro la cruz) and decided to journey up there.
 Her door was the first door we knocked on. Look to nearly a year later, she is getting baptized
There is no better Christmas present that a missionary could ask for. 

       Once again, this Christmas season, I feel extremely humbled and blessed
for the wonderful opportunity I have to share a message
of Eternal life and Eternal families with my beloved Peruvians.
There is no place I would rather be this Christmas season. 

I love you all very much, but I don’t feel one bit homesick. 
This Christmas, I get to stand on the dusty streets of Lima Peru,
and take it all in. I hear the sounds of the mottos rushing in every direction,
 and I get to see the rustic houses painted various shades of vibrant colors. 
But more than anything.  I get to knock on those doors,
 and share the glorious message of the birth of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.
There is nothing I would rather be doing, because this Christmas season I get to share a message of happiness
with my beloved Peruvian brothers and sisters. 
Love you all so much, 
and I wish you all a very Feliz Navidad. 

Con Mucho Amor Y Cariño, 
Elder Reschke. 

P.S. This week a brother from the Habana is ordering some live Suri,
a worm straight from the jungle that you have to eat LIVE!

Questions Elder Reschke Answered this week:

Did you hear that President Owens (from the Stake Presidency) passed away this past week?
Yes, so sad to hear about President Owens, he was one of my favorites!!!

DO NOT EAT WORMS!  (Won’t you get parasites?)
Mom, if eating live worms was bad, it wouldn’t be a thousand year old tradition.
Moreover, the whole Zone that ate Suri last month would have gotten sick.

Scripture of the week?
The chapter from Helaman when Samuel the Lamanite prophecies of the birth of Jesus Christ. (Helaman Chapter 14).

Miracle of the week?
The miracle is that Nancy is getting baptized!

                                                                             Baptism cake:
                                                                       Cookies in Peru:
                                                                         My area:
                                               "I am as happy as ever to be a missionary.":
                                                             Who's foot is this?
                             Sunset in Peru.  You can see the ocean in the background if you look hard:
                                                                    Out and about:

*Pictures from last week are now on that post.


  1. I'm so sad that Manuel passed away. He was such an inspiring man and I am so thankful that he had to chance to receive the gospel in his life. Now he is free from any pain and suffering.