Monday, July 11, 2016

A week late.

Dear Familia Y Amigos,

*(The computers quit working last week at the Internet Cafe, so this is the email from last week, sorry this is a week late.)

I hope you all had a fantastic week. We had a good week. For P. Day, on Thursday, we had the opportunity to meet President Godfrey and his family. He will only be my Mission President for a month, but I am very excited to learn a lot of things from him in the short time we will have together. He is here with his wife and three kids, and it is nice to have them.  President Godfrey is very intelligent, and is going to do a great job. I am grateful to the Godfrey family for the sacrifice they have made to preside over us missionaries for three years.

This week we brought one of our recent converts to the Family History Center to do his Family History, and I took advantage of the opportunity to log into my own account for a few minutes. I found a document written by Grandpa Reschke that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is a story called “Pioneer Road”, and talks about the immigration stories of him and Grandma. I especially liked the part about the two young Mormon´s on the mountain top in Italy, praying that God would direct them the promised land. 

Afterwards, we walked out of the chapel, and as I walked down the streets of Lima, Peru, with my companion by my side, I noticed the dusty streets, the bicycle carts selling fresh tropical fruits, the sound of Motos rushing in every direction, and the children running free down the streets, and I was filled with an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude towards my grandparents. Thanks to the fact that they had the courage to take the road less traveled, I have the marvelous opportunity to share the gospel for two years with my beloved brothers and sisters of PerĂº. Just as my grandfather knelt in prayer on the mountain top in Genoa, Italy nearly sixty four years ago, his grandson has the opportunity to kneel in prayer with his beloved Peruvians, in a dirt floored house with a tin roof, praying that Heavenly Father will direct his children to the path that they need to follow. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic week, and stay tuned til next week. 

Con Amor, 
Elder Reschke 

                        Feeling blessed for the privilege of serving the Peruvian people:
                                                               My Companion and I:
                                                                The country I love:

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