Monday, July 18, 2016

What a week!

Hola Familia Y Amigos,

It has been a good week here in the mission. On Monday, we took a trip to Center of Lima, which was pretty fun. We went to a giant store called Polvos Azules, and then we went on a double decker sight seeing bus to go up the Cerro San Cristobal, which has a pretty neat history. It is the hill that the Spanish conquistador, Fransisco Pizarro hiked to put up a big cross when the Spanish were battling it out with the Incas. We were on the upper level of the bus in the open air, and we got some really cool pictures.

     It has been a good week teaching as well. We are working with Yoice still, and we are hoping that everything will turn out well so that he can be baptized on the 30th. We had a good week teaching less actives and recent converts as well. We are working with a certain less active, and I promised him that if he would read his Book of Mormon for 15 minutes each day, then he would be able to overcome problems and difficulties he has been facing. He has been fulfilling his end of the commitment, and has seen great blessings in his life as a result. We are exciting to keep working with him so that he can come back to church. We are currently in the process of looking for new investigators. We were able to find a couple of potentials this week. 

     Today we woke up early to hike up the hill again! It was super cool because we hiked up while it was still dark outside, and we hiked through the fog, passed through the level of fog to the top, and the fog was blocking all the light from the city down below so you could see a ton of stars! It was incredible, and you could see the sun coming over the horizon, and it was the first time I have ever seen the Milky Way in Perú! It was a neat hike.

Well, that is about all that is new. I am preparing my talk that I am going to give on the 31st, and it is going to be sweet because a whole bunch of my friends and converts are going to come from all over to say goodbye. 

That is all that is new here in the Misión Perú Lima Norte. 
Hope you all have a fantastic week. 

Love, Elder Reschke. 

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

What is the weather like now?
It’s weird weather.  It’s dusty but humid.  Is that possible?  It is super humid here. You leave a plate of crackers out and in 15 minutes they are just soggy.

Are your shoes holding up?
Oooooh, they are the most worn out shoes you have ever seen!

Are you excited to start running again?
I seriously need to start running, because I think I am kind of out of shape.  The Peruvian people  love us so much, that they give us so much tasty food.

Are you happy to be seeing us all again soon?
Ha ha ha of course I am excited to see you all!

What are your plans for your last day in Peru before returning home?
Well, today we received our instructions for our final day.  At six in the morning, that last day, we will leave the mission office and go to President’s house.  We are going to spend the whole day at his house and eat lunch and have our final interviews. Should be a good day.

What are your plans these next two weeks as a missionary?
I have realized that any person I contact at this point, I won’t see get baptized, so I am just grateful for the opportunity I have to share my testimony with the Peruvian people!

                                                                      City center:

                                                          Our hike early this morning:
                                                    Working hard to the end:
                                                     Last time at city center Lima:


  1. Cool pictures? Can't wait to see you in 2 weeks!

  2. That first picture is crazy!

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