Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week 1 at the CCM. (Mexico City MTC)

  Hola, from the CCM! 
That is what they call it here. It is like this huge 90 acre campus. My roommate is Elder Fullmer from Arizona. He is a cool kid. We have to other kids in our room. One of them is going on his mission to SLC! haha. We live in these little Casa's with maybe five rooms in the Casa.

 Yes, people actually do wear sombreros here. Yes, they eat a lot of tacos. I don´t know if I have ever eaten more tacos in my life! The comedor (lunchroom) is practically Cafe Rio. Haha just kidding. I think most of the grub is pretty good, but some kids don´t like it at all. They are just the picky kids. They have tons of different fruits to eat so thats cool. The dairy company is called Santa Clara, and every one of their products has been amazing! haha.

 So I guess on Saturday nights its like a Mexican tradition to have fiestas and shoot fireworks off all night! Occasionally I hear a little blast of the kind of music they play on FM 102.3, right outside my window.
 The campus here is beautiful. Ton´s of palm trees everywhere, and the spirit here is really great. Each one of the buildings is named after a prophet. They pretty much only speak Spanish to you here. Classes, hymns, prayers, Sacrament, comder, tienda (store), everywhere they just speak Spanish so they drill it into you real fast. I am progressing pretty well. I can give a prayer, bear testimony, read James 1:5, and invite people to be baptized in Spanish.

 Most of the buildings here are really colorful. Kind of the colors from the vintage 1960s. Turquoise, yellow, pink, green etc. In the evenings we teach the progressing Investigator. His name is Carlos, and he is just an Actor. We have had four lessons with him and already committed him to be baptized! Boo yeah! I know he is only an actor, but the spirit is so strong when we are able to teach him lessons.

 We had a Elder Piper from the 70 give a Devotional on Tuesday. The power of a thousand missionaries all singing "Called to Serve" in Spanish was just incredible. I learned that you can totally analyze any chapter of scripture, and I challenge you to do it because it is really neat. Well, I don´t have a lot of time, so glad to hear all is well with you guys. The church is true. I know it with all my heart, and I am so glad to be able to share this glorious message with others!

Hasta ver,
 Elder Reschke

P.S. We play A LOT of soccer here. It is pretty awesome. That or volleyball. I have also been forcing my compañero to wake up early to go running. I told him he will thank me when he doesn´t get fat on his mission.  

Arriving at the CCM:
They have these really good cookies called Chokis in la tienda. They are way better than chips ahoy. Oh and when it rains here it pours. I bought an umbrella.
It was 100 pesos:
The colorful buildings:
                                             Elder Reschke's friend,  Elder Dylan Smith.
                    They ran together (different high schools, same region) in high school:
                                                               Elder Reschke's casa:
                                At the Centro De Capacitacion Mission Mexico City (CCM):
                                                         Classic Abby Road picture:
                                         Drinking the really good Santa Clara Yogurt:


  1. This was so awesome to read! He sounds like he is having a blast and just enjoying everything. That's our Jake!

  2. He is doing so well. He will be an amazing missionary. I enjoyed his first letter. Enjoy the journey Jake.