Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 2 at the CCM. (Mexico City MTC)

Hello everybody, 

I am glad to finally email you guys again. Oh and Mom, can you please send this to the rest of the family? Things here at the CCM have been super awesome. We like to play a little game whenever we hear an explosion called, "Gunshot or firework?´´ because I think there are plenty of both. Mom, don´t worry, the CCM is surrounded by the Celestial Forcefield.

 So Saturday there was this huge crazy rainstorm, just a total downpour. But, nevertheless Saturday night is fiesta night for the people of Mexico City so they still had their mariachi band playing and everything. We were walking back to the Casa and saw this giant spider! It looked like the one that bit Spiderman. The sunrises here are absolutely beautiful with the palm trees and everything, so I will try to send pics.
 For gym we play lots of volleyball, and lots of Fútbol. Our new thing is cage fútbol on the basketball court which is fun because it bounces off the walls. Except yesterday a kid in our District got a bloody nose and another kid in our District almost got a black eye. I keep getting kicked in the shin, and thats always fun. 

Have you guys ever read the book, "Our Heritage"? about the founding of the LDS church? Its pretty good. We watched a movie on Sunday about the building of the Salt Lake Temple called Mountain of the Lord. All you Utah haters out there, shape up because those pioneers really gave a lot to build Zion and make Utah the nice place to live that it is. 

For our service project we folded sheets in the launderia so that was fun, haha and this Mexican guy walked up to us and told us to carry tables! So we grabbed a table that was there and started carrying it. I was thinking, I never thought I would find myself in Mexico carrying a table down the street. And nobody even knew why we were carrying tables!

 So the mail man rides a dirtbike here, so that's pretty cool. Oh and I have never seen a garbage truck so loaded up in my life!! Apparently there was a Krispy Kreme guy riding a bike down the street giving out free donuts and hats. We were pretty bummed because we couldn't find him. 

I played piano for Sacrament Meeting, and that was definitely a new experience playing for singing in a different language. For the talks everyone has to prepare one for Sacrament Meeting, and then they just announce on the spot who is giving the talks, and whatdya know, they called my name so I have a pretty solid talk on The Restoration.

 Also, back in Utah the trains that drive by just give a little honk, but the trains here just LAY on their horns for what feels like forever, I guess to let the entire world know that there is A TRAIN COMING!!!

 Tuesday they always have Costco pizza for dinner, and that is always well appreciated. They have interesting stuff for breakfast like tamales and deli sandwiches, and as much as i love tamales, I usually go for peanut butter toast, fruit and yogurt. I think just about everyone here is losing weight, and if they are not it is because of the Nutella station they have. Nutella just makes everything taste better. But yeah, still eating a lot of tacos and fruit! I need to stop squeezing limes on my tacos or else my teeth will rot! But don´t worry Dad, I've been brushing twice a day.

 One thing I realized this week is how I guess...selfish I used to be. We are here on the Lord's time, and don´t get a lot of free time but that is okay because we are learning how to be better servants of the Lord, and that is a very fulfilling way to spend your time. But I just realized that a little service project once a month for YM is not being charitable. Charitable means constantly doing things for others. Just finding little ways to serve others can go a long way.

 We teach lessons to fake Investigators still, and that is always like my favorite parts of the week. The spirit is always so strong, and I am getting to the point where I can give whole lessons in Spanish without reading notes or language books. In a couple of weeks we well have the opportunity to teach REAL investigators, and I am very excited for that.

 All the devotionals they have here are always so inspiring, and I love how the spirit can just pour through your body. It's amazing. I know that the church is true with all my heart. There is a page in "Preach My Gospel" with a picture of these people that look Peruvian. Every time I see that picture I am reminded that there is somebody out there in Peru waiting for me, and I can´t wait to be the channel through which the Lord will send his message. 

Topics I've been thinking a lot about are charity, humility, The Atonement, how God is our loving Heavenly Father, and how important families are. I know that this chuch is true with all my heart, and I am so excited to be able to learn how to better serve the Lord.

 Love you all, 
Love Elder Reschke. 
P.S. I took my suit to the drycleaning lady and she said "NO INGLES!"  haha so I just tried to figure out when I could pick it up. For all I know, I gave her 60 pesos and might never see my beloved suit again. Cross your fingers:)

Reflection of Elder Reschke:
                                                                 Tiny little bananas:
                                                           Sunrise in Mexico City:
                                 Mexican peso and Elder Reschke's bed with his mosquito net:
 Elder Reschke with sign: (basic translation: egg for breakfast with bacon and red peppers).
                                                                         At the CCM:
                                         Centro De Capacitacion Misional Mexico City:
                                          Mexico City with the colorful houses on the hills:

                                                              Door to Elder Reschke's room:
                              Elder Reschke always loves balancing on any kind of post or fence:
                                                                       Deep thinker:
                                                               Palm tree at the MTC:
                                                                   Volleyball time:


  1. Cool, great letter! Stockton loved the banana picture.

  2. Ha ha I guess I think like Stockton because I was just going to comment that I liked the cute little banana!

  3. I was going to say I love that banana!

  4. Or maybe it's a regular banana and jake just hit a growth spurt!

  5. Wow what an amazing letter. So much fun information. I like the balancing act and the mosquito net. Go Jake!