Monday, January 5, 2015

Feliz año Nuevo!

Hola Familia Y Amigos,

Y Feliz año nuevo! This was a very eventful week for us. Let;s see, so New Year’s Eve I killed a chicken! It's name was Carlito. But yeah, I cut its head off...and then I helped Hermana Vega prepare and butcher it...good skill to have! So if anyone has a chicken they need butchered, you know who to call. We pulled out it’s liver and all the unhatched egg yolks and cooked them up and ate them. I also had pig skin with the hair still on was tasty! 

Last week for P. Day we had a bbq and water fight.

New Year’s Eve in Peru is poppin! It reminded me alot of Christmas Eve, except the fireworks were like twice as crazy. More fireworks ( and louder) than you have ever seen in your life! The A_____s brought us a midnight dinner, so that was tasty. 

The big thing in Peru is wearing yellow on New Year’s. They also make these scarecrows out of all their old clothes from that year, and then at midnight they light them into these huge bonfires! It’s pretty cool. 

But yeah 2014 was a crazy awesome year, and so eventful and amazing, but I am looking forward to all the new and exciting things that 2015 will bring. 
New Year’s Day we had interviews with the President, and that was good. He is such a spiritual giant! Hermana Erickson gave me some homemade banana bread since my birthday is coming up, and it was delicious. So yeah that’s about all that’s new down here. 

On Friday night I was on splits with Elder Sangama, and I just had a feeling we should head down this one street. Turns out that we found this awesome family and taught them the Restoration. The Spirit was SO strong, it was incredible. It was a cool experience, but I’m just a little bummed they don’t live in my area!

      But this week, was the hardest I have ever worked in my mission. We had 29 lessons, and 101 contacts. Like our President says, “working hard is the solution to ANY problem that you have. You are happiest when you are working hard”, and I know that to be true! Hope you all have an amazing week, and I hope you all have an amazing 2015, wherever in the world you may be.

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Reschke

P.S. Hopefully the Ghost of Carlito doesn’t come and haunt me in my dreams!

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

Is it getting hot there? When is the peak of Summer there?
Goodness, it is like roasting here!  I think peak of summer is right about now.  In his weekly letter this week, President told us we don’t have to wear suits to interviews, Zone Conferences, or to church for the next three months because it is too darn hot!

Did you get any Christmas mail?
I got a nice Christmas letter from Lizzy and Andy, Grandma, and President Owen with a cool ornament of the Salt Lake Temple.  Also two “dear elder” letters from you guys from Pearl Harbor Day.  Thanks so much!
                                                                The city of Lima:

                                                              Pigs in the marketplace:
                                                                           More pigs:

                                                   Elder Sangama and Elder Reschke:
                                                                         City of Lima:
                                      Happy New Year from Elder Quille and Elder Reschke:
                                                            Carlito the chicken:
                                                         Ready to butcher a chicken:
                                                               Butchering a chicken:
                                                               Plucking the chicken:
                                                        Chicken all ready to cook:
                                                     Inside parts of the chicken ready to eat:


  1. Cool post! I always thought it would be a good idea to know how to kill and prepare a chicken!

  2. I don't think I could eat something that had a name before it was on my plate...I am very grateful that my chicken comes nicely cut up in a package from the grocery store.