Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Piranha For Dinner Today.

Hola Familia Y Amigos:)

So I am going to eat a piranha for dinner today. Pretty excited. That being said, this week was pretty good. We find out about transfers today, and I am pretty sure I am going. Don't know for sure, but probably. So I’ve been packing! haha.

For P-Day we had a BBQ at the chapel, and then had sack races and an apple bobbing competition. I rocked the apple bobbing. 

Service on Wednesday was fun...it was like the closest thing to an American service project that I’ve done here in Perù...cleaning up a backyard....the only thing Peruvian about it was the fact that it was moving avocado tree branches, chopping down a banana tree, and cleaning up Inca Kola bottles. 

Friday we had a good lesson with a new investigator. Elder Aoki and I taught him about The Book of Mormon. The Spirit was WAY strong, and he accepted an invitation to be baptized this 14th of Febrero. Don’t know if I’ll be here for his baptism, but what’s important is that he is accepting Christ in his life. He came with us to church yesterday for all three hours. 

Oh, and ya know you’ve been in an area a long time when you start to know the people that drive the motos and convees haha. But this area is absolutely amazing and I love it. 

The members here are so loving it’s incredible. They bought me a nice Peruvian leather coin purse because I am leaving. Had a good splits with Elder Aoki. He spent the night on what was probably our last time doing splits. What an incredible experience to be able to preach the Gospel with somebody that I have known for so long. 

We had pancakes for breakfast. (Teaching Hna Norma how to make pancakes was like the best decision of my life. She is pretty much expert by now:) 

But yeah that's about all that is new here in Lima. To close, I have been studying The New Testament and Jesus the Christ in depth. They go hand in hand, and this week I have really realized all the amazing things that the Savior has done for us. The only way we can be happy in life is if we accept him! 

Love ya´ll so much, and I wouldn’t doubt if tonight I become the first Cottonwood High School alumni that has ever eaten a piranha. Ciao:) 

Con Amor
Elder Reschke

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

Will you be happy or sad to get transferred?
I would be fine either way.  If I stay, it’s for sure three more months here...so that would be cool to be here for Domingo’s Baptism  If I go, I get to see more of Peru which would be neat as well.

What are you doing for your P. Day today?
It’s P. Day “Free Day” since changes are tomorrow.  If I go, then I am going to go around saying goodbye to everyone.

Weather update?
It’s still pretty hot like normal cause it’s still summer!  Winter will come in a couple of months I believe.
                                                                Inca Cola truck:

                      Translation:  "Here everything is cool, motorcycle, taxi driver, and music."
                                                                   Hills in Carabayllo:
                                                Elder Reschke, Elder Aoki and a family:
                                                                        Working day:
                                                  Elder Reschke and Elder Aoki on splits:

                                                     Typical day in Peru:
                                                                  Summer in Peru:
                                    Motos. When they go off road up in the hills I kind of
                                     feel like I am on a jeep safari in Moab or something:
                                                               Missionary transportation:
                                                                            Taxi van:
                                                        Lunch with the District:
                                                                   The marketplace:
                               Vegetables in the marketplace.  The marketplace is just like a big
                               Farmers Market every day.  The sell everything you can imagine:
                                                      Melons at the marketplace:
 Traditional Peruvian clothing.  There are quite a handful of people dressing this way.
 I sometimes feel like a big crane picked them up from the Sierra and dropped them here in Lima:
 Chicharon.  It is fried pork and, it is, like Andy Griffith always says, "GOO-OOD!"
                                             Elder Reschke, Elder Quille, and a Peruvian lady:
                                                  Preaching the gospel with Elder Aoki:
                                        I got mail!  One package, and a letter from the pouch mail:

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