Monday, March 30, 2015

Baptism of William and Isabel.

 Hola Familia Y Amigos! 

I hope all is well with you guys. My week here in Perú was absolutely fantastic. The highlight of the week was Saturday, because I was able to return to my old area, Progreso, to baptize my Investigators, William and Isabel. Remember them? Well now they are one step closer to being an Eternal Family. It was such a sweet experience to return and see all the old Ward members, they were excited to see me. And were all like, "Wow Elder Reschke, you have changed so much!" C-mon, I’ve only been gone for three weeks! But William and Isabel were sooooo happy to be baptized, their testimony afterwards was so powerful, and afterwards William came up to me and thanked me for everything. Being able to baptize them, was probably one of the most spiritual and amazing moments that I have had on my mission, and I am so grateful for the decision they have made to follow the Savior.

     Moreover, I jumpstarted the very first Año Nuevo Ward English Class, which was a HUGE success. About 16 people mas o menos (more or less)  came to the class, and they are all excited to learn English.

P-day was fun...we watched a Disney Movie and then went to Pizza Raul with the Zone, which was tasty like usual.

Sorry for the shortness of this email, but the Internet wasn’t working so I’m running out of time. I hope you all have an amazing week, and just remember how important it is to always follow the Savior in all that you do. There is no other way that you will find happiness in your life, unless you let Jesus Christ into your life. 

Con Mucho Amor,
 Elder Reschke 

P. S. Saturday night at 2 a.m. a bunch of wild cats entered into our room through the ceiling and destroyed the place! They ate our food, left a little surprise on the couch, and then they got in a huge cat fight and they were screaming and growling and left big patches of hair all over the place. Ha ha that was our random moment of the week…

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

I know I always ask, but what is the weather like this week?
The weather is actually cooling down a little bit in the mornings and evenings which is nice.

Is your food different in your new area?
The food here is still a lot of traditional Peruvian plates, just more beef than we ate before.

What is your new room like?
The room is bigger than my other one.  We have beds, and three couches and a big industrial sink to wash clothes and plates.  It’s pretty sweet living above the Bishop, they always give us food and stuff which is nice.  That is a perk living above the Bishop.

Does your companion speak English?
He actually speaks a lot more English than any of my other companions.  But we still just talk in Spanish. It is easier that way.

What are you doing for P. Day this week?
We are going to eat at Chili’s!  That will be fun.

How was it this week with the Baptism?
The baptism was just incredible  They are so excited to be baptized.  
Just an incredible week.  

Are you looking forward to General Conference?
I am excited for Conference.  We will probably watch it at the 
Stake Center.  And we get the General Priesthood session as well.

                                   Elder Reschke and his old companion, Elder Martinez:
                         Elder Melgar and Elder Reschke with their English Class they started:
                                                                          The Chapel:
                                                                      Selfie in Peru:
 View of the road from the passenger seat of the old autos.  I guess they are technically taxis but they are kind of informal here in Peru.  They jus pull up on the curbside, everyone piles in, and they drive up to the mountains, and you just yell "BAJA" (bus stop) when you want to get off.  The cost is like 70 centimes,  mas o like a quarter or less.  Sometimes we argue with the taxi or the moto driver if they charge us one sol.
                                                                    In the taxi car:
                                                                     Dogs in the street:
                                                                        Up in the hills:
                                                   Elder Melgar and Elder Reschke:

                                                              Elder Reschke's desk:
                                                       Baptism of Isabel and William:
                                                                     At the baptism:
                                                        Baptism of William and Isabel:
                                                      Elder Reschke baptizing William:
                                                        Elder Reschke baptizing Isabel:
                               "Being able to baptize William and Isabel was probably
              one of the most spiritual, amazing moments that that I have had on my mission."


  1. That is so neat he was able to go back and baptize those people!

  2. It's funny to see the lady smiling in the last picture, it seems like the Peruvians don't smile at the camera much, almost like the old black and white pictures of people.