Monday, March 23, 2015


Hola Familia Y Amigos,

Lots of cool stuff happened this week for us. First of all, on Wednesday we had a visit from a General Authority, Elder Godoy, of the Seventy. He is the guy that gave the talk in Portuguese for General Conference. He talked to us (in Spanish, not Portuguese, although I can understand Portuegese pretty well), and it was really good. He said that the mission is the perfect time to prepare us for our LIVES. I know that’s true. I have learned so much in my time out here on the mission.

Also, remember my Golden Investigators that I left in my other area, William and Isabel? Well they are getting baptized on Saturday, and they want ME to baptize them! So, we got permission from the Zone Leaders for me to return to El Progreso this Saturday to go to the baptism, and so that will be kind of a fun, nostalgic night. 

Going to the gym in the mornings has been awesome…it's such a good opportunity to get better exercise, and I have been enjoying the treadmill:) ..once a runner always a runner

Every Saturday we play fĂștbol in the morning, and then we have a Zone wide competition... "Esto es Comas!" We compete with the other team finding scriptures and stuff. I’m on team "Leones", but sadly we lost on Saturday:( 

Oh, so the other day we contacted this guy in the Metro, and he had tons of good questions and everything, and we talked to him for like 5 minutes, and I was thinking, "Sweet! we are gonna baptize this guy!" Turns out he was the Bishop of one of the other Wards in the Stake just messing with us! Darn!

Well that’s about all that’s new this week. I have been thinking a lot lately of a talk from Tad R. Callister, when he talks about being a consecrated missionary. A consecrated missionary is one who leaves everything behind and makes sacrifices and completely dedicates himself to the Lord. It is my goal to be that missionary. I know that no missionary is perfect, but I know that if I give 100 percent to the Lord for two years, I will see miracles. Have a great week everyone! 

Con Amor,
Elder Reschke

P.S. Does anyone have a request for photos this week? I need ideas!

P.S.S. I came THIS CLOSE to eating a frog smoothie this morning. They just throw the live frogs in the blender with eggs and a couple of other things. It’s supposed to be really healthy, but I didn’t want to pay 10 soles for it.

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

What was the weather like this week?
The weather is still pretty hot.  It’s usually fairly crisp and nice in the mornings, but then it heats up big time.  However, it RAINED the other day which it never does!  Peru doesn’t have storm drains so everything was just rushing down the streets and entering in peoples houses through the roofs and stuff.  It was pretty crazy.  But today it’s hot like usual.

What are your P. Day plans for today?
I think we are going to watch a movie and order Pizza Raul… some of the best pizza in Lima.

How are things with your new companion?  
The comp is really cool….he kind of has a different point of view just because he has lived in Bolivia his whole life….but we work really hard.  This week we had 37 lessons, which I think is the most I have had in one week in the mission.  He is a good missionary and a good companion.

How is your Spanish?
Strangely, I am kind of at this point where I feel a little more comfortable speaking Spanish than English.  Last night, I dreamed in Spanish, which was kinda cool.
Also I jumpstarted the English classes here in our Ward. Everyone seems excited!

                                           "Comas Exito" (Comas:  Success)
                                                            A day in Comas:
                                                         Elder Reschke and Elder Melgar:

                         "Some kind of meat" with rice and yuca root on the side.  It was tasty:
            We didn't go to the baby shower, I just thought it was kinda funny they invited us:
                             This Lil Creep was camped out next to our window, and I grabbed
                                      a stack of Restoration pamphlets and flattened him:

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