Monday, October 5, 2015

Escape from the SHARK.

Hola Familia Y Amigos,

Twas a good week here in good ol´ Peru.   Monday, I was in charge of P. Day. We had a good “Beach Day” in the Stake Center, with Hawaiian leis, sandals, limbo, a movie, tasty tropical juices, pineapple, and the game “Escape from the Shark”, which consisted of running away from the the guinea pig in the shark costume. The guinea pig’s name is Carlos, and we are proud of him because he did a great job as shark. If all goes as planned, today we are going to fry him up. More to come on that next week;)

     Tuesday, we did our final Service Project for our favorite little hill, La Cruz. We moved around a whole bunch of dirt like usual:) We have been teaching Nancy, Joselyn and Ingrid’s mom, who has gained a very strong testimony just by listening to our message and seeing the huge change in the lives of her daughters. She wants to be baptized really bad!

     This weekend, we had the privilege of watching every single session of conference in the Stake Center, where it was transmitted. So many inspiring messages, and I am way excited for the new Apostles, and I know they will do a great job. In a separate room they put on conference in English for the gringos, but I just stayed in the main room and watched it all in Spanish.   I dunno, it's just like,  I can watch it in English my whole life, but I only have 4 opportunities to watch conference with my beloved Peruvians, and so it only makes sense that I watch conference with THEM. My favorite talk was definitely Elder Bednar, when he gave the culmination of all the great apostles and prophets that have passed away in his time as Apostle. It reminded me that the message that these great men share is an Eternal message, and it will always be important. 

 Changes are today, and I am almost positive I’ll have to say Peace Out to Año Nuevo. Because of that, my converts have been saying goodbye, and Hermana Susy bought me a way nice Peruvian scarf made from this really nice wool with designs of Maccu Pichu and Llamas, and a Llama keychain with my name engraved in it. 

We had one last Family Home Evening with the Familia H., and they shared some really nice words, saying that even when they were sure that the wedding wasn’t going to work out, Elder Reschke stayed faithful and said, “Don’t worry, everything is going to work out,” and that now they consider me part of their family. Working here in Año Nuevo has been a marvelous experience, that has really shaped my mission and I will remember all these experiences for the rest of my life.

 Love Ya´ll so much, 
Love Elder Reschke. 

P.S. My Meditizando scripture of the week is 2 Nephi 4:16 "He aqui, mi alma se deleita en las cosas del Señor, Y mi corazón medita continuamente en las cosas que he visto y oído .”
(Behold, my soul delighteth in the things of the Lord; 
and my heart pondereth continually upon the things 
which I have seen and heard.)

P.S.S. Carlos is gonna be TASTY:)

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

What is your scripture of the week?
(See the P.S. above.)

What is the miracle of the week?
The miracle is that we were able to bring the Family O. to General Conference.

Where has Carlos been all week? 
He has been having a week long sleepover at a member’s house.

What is in Carlos’s future?
Everyone around here knows how to cook cuy (guinea pig). 
 We already have three offers…

                                               Elder Reschke and Carlos the guinea pig:
                                                          Elders doing a service project:
                                                          Families up on the hill:
                                                                          Elder Reschke:
                                                                         City lights:
                                                             At General Conference:
                                                                At General Conference:
                                                              At General Conference:
                                 President Soto, the Stake President who took us out to lunch
                                  between Conference sessions, Saturday.  We ate Chinese Food:
                                                                 At General Conference:
                          Familia H.  Our Converts.  They are like family to me:

                                             The nice wool scarf from Hermana Susy:


  1. Your now supposed to play with your food!!! Or name it! Poor Carlos:( Can't wait for next week to see where in Peru you end up!