Monday, November 2, 2015

Seems like Missionaries Always Baptize the Haircut Lady......

Hola Amigos Y Familia!
This was a solid week for Elder Gil and I here in Trapiche:).   Monday we had a good P. Day and went to Chili´s and got burgers. I also bought the Reschke Family Christmas, so get excited. 

We had a good week, and have a lot of people progressing. Rony and Vanessa (the cool family) came to church for the first time yesterday and absolutely loved it! (Just a side note, that Rony used to play Pro Soccer, so that’s kinda cool). We had a good week teaching them and are ready to talk about a baptismal date. We also took out a baptismal date for our haircut lady, Bety, who is way cool. Antonio was able to come to church too, and we got the girl who doesn’t believe in God to come to church too. I’m almost positive she believes in God now. All in all, its been a great week, and we are excited for the progress of our Investigators. 

    Neat experience of the week: We were out working, and all of the appointments fell through. We were like, “Well lets head on down to the village by the River Chillón to see how they are doing down there.” The family we were going to visit wasn’t home. and I said, "Okay obviously we are here for a reason. Heavenly Father wouldn’t have brought us all the way over here for nothing, so lets go find out why were are here in this very moment." We kind of felt the feeling to head over to this tiny little blue house, right on the very edge of the forest, and either the door was open or there was no door, I’m not sure which, and we peeked in and there was a tin roof, dirt floor, and walls that didn’t even come all the way up to the roof, and a kind of sad looking lady sitting on the bed reading a newspaper. We contacted her, and it turns out they have tons of problems, and she spends the majority of her time at the hospital because her stepdaughter is really sick, etc. We shared a nice message with her to cheer her up, and we are going to visit her because she is really cool. I know that THAT is the reason we felt the prompting to head down to the village by the Rio Chillón in that moment. 

       Did a fun work visit with Elder Stoker, who is finishing up his second change in the mission. He is from Syracause, Utah and we have a lot in common. We visited one of his Investigators with a baptismal date, and did inspired questions to find out her real necessity. We were able to get her to open up a bit and explain what her worries were, just because we were focused on the INVESTIGATOR and not just on the lesson we were going to teach.

   Halloween was fun. Once again, there were a gazillion little Spanish speaking Spiderman’s and Disney Princesses running all around, and knocking on the little corner store’s for candy.

 In two days, we did 64 contacts. Not bad huh? All in all, twas a good week. I am so excited for the work of the Lord here in Trapiche, Peru. I know that the Lord has assigned me to this area for a specific reason, and little by little, I am being led by the spiritual promptings to meet the people that the Lord is preparing to receive the glorious message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. 

There is nothing that I would rather be doing in my life right now than exactly what I am doing. Thanks for all the support, and I love ya´ll so much. 

Elder Reschke. 

P.S. There was a traffic stop this week and all the Busses and Convees were stopped for a day. I had to call up everyone in the District and tell them to STAY AWAY FROM PUBLIC TRANSIT, until everything got cleared up. 

P.S.S. I was able to enjoy a nice Dr. Pepper this week, imported straight
from the Ol´ U. S. of A. 

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

Did you get the package YET??
Yep got the package!  Thanks for everything.  The ties are beautiful, and the snacks were tasty.  That was very nice of you guys to send a package, and they are always fun to open.  Elder Gil says “Muchas Gracias.

Are you staying off the roof there?
Mom….Roofs in Peruvian culture are different.
Everyone goes on the roof…it’s just what ya do!

What do they grow in the fields by where you live?
They grow Cilantro, corn and roses.  They sell the roses to flower shops!

You mention the forest. What kinds of trees are there in the forest?
It’s not really a forest, it’s kind of more like a little jungle.  Full of banana trees, palm trees, and tropical plants, bamboo, and I’m pretty sure sugar cane too.  And some normal trees too.

Miracle of the week:
The miracle is that lady down by the river.

Scripture of the week?
Helaman 5:45. 
 “And behold, the Holy Spirit of God did come down from heaven,
 and did enter into their hearts, and they were filled as if with fire,
 and they could speak forth marvelous words.”

(I have been thinking a lot about the blessings of the spirit lately.)

Do you like my running picture?  You can't keep me off the track!
                                                                      The goat herder:
                                                  Halloween Ghost Peeps in Peru:
                                                                     On the roof:
                                                  The fields and forest (or jungle):
                                                  Dropping off our laundry this morning:

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