Monday, February 15, 2016

Bienvenidos a Canto Grande.

Hola Familia!

 This week has been a really good week for us, but it has been quite an adventure!
 So on Monday we had to say some more goodbyes to the really kind members of  Carabayllo. That has been one of my favorite Wards, and the members there have been so helpful and loving. They did a little goodbye Family Home Evening, and Hermana Patty made me a homemade apple pie.
Thank you Barrio Carabayllo, you guys are the best.

On Tuesday morning, I got in a taxi BY MYSELF
 (which felt super weird, but that’s the new way they do transfers now)
 and went all the way to San Juan de Lurigancho,
 practically converting the taxi driver on the way.

We got to San Juan, and got everything all lugged up to our room
 (which is super nice and on the fourth floor with a really good view).
 Our area is the only flat area in the whole Zone, and all the other areas have crazy hills.
 San Juan de Lurigancho is a lot dustier, a lot more of humble living circumstances, and a lot less modernized than where I was before. To me, it feels more like classic Perú, because like I said, it isn’t as modern, and there are a ton of immigrants from the provinces. There are a lot of people here that just dress in the traditional Pervuian clothes, with the braided hair, colorful baby carrying slings, etc..
 I have spoken a ton of Quechua this week too, so that has been fun! 

We had a good leadership meeting with all the leaders of the mission, and we are like a solid hour and a half away from the mission offices, which is the furthest I have ever been.

     We had a solid Zone meeting, and I gave a good training about establishing your Everest.
But in the end, I said we don’t even have to walk to the top, because if we are obedient and working hard, there is a car that takes us, and it is driven by Christ. It was a fun little parable.

     I did a work visit with Elder Conolly in his new area. They are opening a new area, so we just hiked around in the hills and contacted people ALL DAY. It was amazing, because we contacted a gazillion people, and only like two people rejected us. It was amazing. We were able to meet so many neat people. We were able to take out a baptismal date with a really nice lady, and on the way up the hill I saw a rather classic looking Peruvian lady carrying her baby in one of those colorful blankets. I contacted her, and we had a full on conversation in Quechua. She is from Cuzco and was super nice. They have an appointment to meet her and her family this week.
And, she is married! How cool is that? Later that night, we felt the spirit to hike up higher in the hills because somebody there needed us. We knocked on the door, and a family opened up and let us in to teach them. They looked kind of sad because of some family problems, but they loved our message and told us they want us to come back often to teach them.

     To top off the week, we had another baptism! I had the privilege of baptizing Hermana Giovanna. She is super cool and was super ready for her baptism, but when we went to visit her she was a little worried for a bunch of different reasons. We were able to calm her doubts, and she was baptized the following day. She gave a powerful testimony afterwards and expressed her gratitude to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

     So, it was a fantastic week. I am honored for the sacred opportunity I have to be the Zone Leader in Canto Grande. This week was my 18 month mark, and so now I´m in the fourth quarter. Time to put things in four-wheel-drive and keep working hard until the very end! I will keep you all posted.
Thanks for all your prayers, and I love you all so much.

 Love, Elder Reschke.
Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

What is the scripture of the week?
Matthew 11: 28-29:
28. Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
29. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek an slowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

What is the miracle of the week?
The miracle of the week was the Hermana who was able to be baptized!

Tell me about your new companion?
My new companion is Elder Rodriguez from Chile; he is super smart and we get along well.  We have the same time in the mission.

Fun fact about your new area?
The room is super nice.  The members give us lunch like usual.  And for the last week I have been washing my clothes in the sink because we are trying to find someone to wash our clothes.  I don’t really mind doing the wash, but I just don’t really have the time to do it.  We really need to find somebody….

Any thoughts on your new area?
I am excited, because we should see a lot of success.  I can’t wait to work here, because I know this is where the Lord needs me.

                                                   Saying good-bye to Carabayllo:
                                                               Good-bye Carabayllo:
                                                     Good-bye family in Carabayllo:
                                         Baptism this week of Hermana Giovanna:
                                                  Dusty soccer field in my new area:
                                                    View outside our apartment window.
                                           We are on the fourth floor so we have a nice view:
                                                                       My new area:


  1. Looks like another area you will love in no time at all! Cool stories already!

  2. I'm excited to see more pictures and read more stories about the new area!

  3. Glad you are settling in to the new area! That's crazy they have you go all by yourself in a taxi!