Monday, February 8, 2016

Curve Ball.

 Hola Amigos Y Familia,

Twas a fantastic week *aqui en la Zona Carabayllo. 
Tuvimos una semana muy buena....whoops sorry I was writing in Spanish without realizing it.

We had a really good week. We had a good Monthly Goal Meeting with the Zone and I have never had the privilege of attending a better monthly goal meeting in all my mission. You all should have been there. The Zone was SO excited, and they all participated and had so much faith. They put a super high goal of 18 baptisms in February. That is the RECORD of the Zone, but I know that we will be able to get even more. We had our Zone leaders council meeting on Wednesday, which went super well. We learned a lot, and had a good meeting. Oh ya, for P. Day on Monday, we went and had some good burgers at Chili’s, which was tasty.

     This week we had a great time teaching and taking out a baptismal date with one of our Investigators named Lucia. She was kind of sad because this week she separated from her husband, and moved back into her families house with her two daughters.  This is the same husband that in the beginning, didn’t even want to let us into the house to listen to us. She sent us to go visit him and share a message with him, and he was like "Why not?". He was a sad sight, because his family had just left him. We shared the Plan of Salvation with him, and asked him what he would do to get his family back. He said he would do anything. Well, he told us he wants us to come back EVERY DAY, because he just feels happier and more peace when we visit. We told him we can help him.  We got him to agree to get married (and he didn’t even want to in the beginning).  He talked to his boss to change his day off to Sunday instead of Monday, and now wants to get baptized. There you have it. Another family that is going to be an Eternal Family. We are working with them so he can change, and so they can be happily together.

     Now for the big news of the day. Last night I got a call from President Erickson, and he informed me that I am getting transferred.
I'm peacing out of Carabayllo, and heading over to Canto Grande 
to be the new Zone  Leader over there. 
This will be my first time in the mission heading to San Juan de Lurigancho!!!! 
Should be quite the adventure. From what I've heard, there are a lot more hills over there, and the people live very humble and are very humble as well. I can not wait. 
I know that I can serve wherever the Lord needs me.

I am beyond grateful for the many amazing experiences I have had here in the Carabayllo Zone.  I feel like lately I have really learned a lot and been able to have more of a personal conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. How grateful I am to have been able to serve here and have my first (and probably only) gringo companion Elder Parra who has really helped me meet my *potencial as a missionary and be even more *consagrada to the work of the Lord. 

Hope you all have a fantastic week, and keep me posted on all the fun stuff that happens. 

Much Love,
Elder Reschke. 

* I don’t think Elder Reschke realizes it, but he keeps slipping into using Spanish words!

                                                                 Room decorations?
      Saying good-bye to Elder Nielsen. He is the assistant who goes back to Utah tomorrow:
                                                                              My desk:
Adios Papi'.  Here is my last photo with my Trainer, Elder Martinez.
He goes home this change, 18 months after meeting me, 
and he taught me so much!


  1. Always so positive and excited! Great post.

  2. I'm excited to here about the new place!