Monday, February 22, 2016

Taytacha Jesucristo Cachamanco.

Allillanchu quchumasi! 

Thought I would greet you guys in Quechua:) hehe Hope you all had a fantastic week! I know I did. It was actually a pretty chill week. Not a ton to write. We were able to find a lot of really good investigators. We have a lot of possibilities for the month of March, because we had 7 investigators come to church yesterday. Not bad huh? 

First off, P. Day last week was fun. We had some good ol KFC, which is way better in Perú by the way. Then we hung out at the institute building and watched a movie. Pretty chill day. We had a good Zone meeting on Tuesday, and everyone seems pretty excited.

     Did a work visit with the Elders in Canto Nuevo, and we taught some pretty good lessons together. We ordered a pizza that night and the pizza guy got mad because he couldn’t find our house. The next day when I told my companion what had happened, he said. "Hey we ordered a pizza too and it was the same pizza delivery guy and he got mad at US too!" Hehe it was the same delivery guy. Poor guy.

     We did a really good Family Home Evening, and they invited a sister that has been inactive for like twenty years. We totally re light that gospel fire and we set up an appointment and we met all her family. There is like five people in that house that could get baptized! Yesterday, we brought them all to church and they had a great time. We are going to keep working with them. 

     Had a neat experience on Saturday, the Elders from another area had a baptism of a Hermana, and she asked me to baptize her because I did the interview. I baptized her, and when I was getting out of the water, I noticed she was just standing there in the water for like a minute, just pondering and meditating and looking at the water. It was a sweet experience, because I know she has had a difficult life, and now she just began a whole different life. THAT IS WHY I LOVE THE MISSION! Just being able to see and feel and experience the changes that people have in their lives. It is truly a beautiful experience. 

We had an awesome lesson last night with a nice man named Renzo, and he is really learning a lot! Anyway, that is all thats new. In short this is my life right now:
 Eating rice and chicken EVERYDAY, going everywhere in little Peruvian Motos, Sweating my Tail off, Growing, Learning, progressing spiritually, Loving Life, Loving Peru, Loving the Lord

Have a great week everybody. Love you all. 
Elder Reschke. 

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week:

My APP says it is 36 degrees here in Salt Lake City right now, and 81 in Lima Peru, when will Summer end there?
Mom, Fall and Winter have never arrived, and they never will. 
I have been in Summertime since August 2014. But it should cool down a bit by June.

What have you been doing for service there, you know how important service is?
Yep.  Two weeks in a row we have been painting this less active members house.  I am like a paint expert now!

What do you do for exercise other than all your walking during the day?
Exercise is pretty much pushups and sit-ups.  We were doing stair runs for a while.

This name is a name I found in our family tree.
I took a picture because Asgard is where Thor from Avengers lives.
I didn't know we were related to Super Heros!
                                                                  Ponchos in Peru:
                                                 Yes, they really do wear ponchos in Peru:
                                                            Baptism this past week:
                                         Pizza with Elder Connolly who is from Arizona:


  1. I love the look of the traditional Peruvian dress! Another great post!

  2. I can't believe the pizza delivery guy got mad at you guys ha ha! What a grump!