Monday, April 25, 2016


Hola Familia y Amigos!

Twas a good week for us here in Canto Grande. On Wednesday we had our trip to the historic city center of Lima. It went smooth: Everyone had a good time, and we didn’t lose anybody, so I would consider that a success. We went to the Museo Nacional de la Reserva, which is a really cool museum with a bunch of Incan and other native artifacts. I learned that back in the day when they didn’t have blood, they used chicha (chicha is a fermented beverage usually derived from maize) as the sacrificial liquid, and I also learned that TUMI (that little Incan guy that is all over the place in Perú) was actually the knife that the Incans used to make their sacrifices. Interesting huh? 

After going through the museum, the museum curator took my Companion and I aside and gave us a bunch of cool free stuff to hand out to the Zone, and so the Zone was all excited and thought we had arranged that or something. We took some pictures in the Plaza de Armas, and then did some souvenir shopping.

   On Tuesday I gave a Zone training about all the false traditions that the missionaries sometimes employ as they teach the restoration. We had a work visit from one of the Assistant’s, which was a good experience. We had a good day working in our area, and we were able to talk about the Zone a lot. The Assistant told us that our area is a good example for the rest of the Zone, so I was happy to hear that. 
On Saturday we had kind of a discouraging experience. The baptism that we had all planned fell through because of some opposition from their family members. Instead of sitting there and feeling sorry for ourselves, we went home, packed up our backpacks with Books of Mormon, and hit the streets to go share the Restored Gospel with as many people as we could. We told ourselves we couldn’t come home until we had given out every book.
 We gave one to a guy and he was like…"Not gonna lie, I really don’t have time to read.” We gave him the book anyway and promised him he could find time. We did a loop around the park, and came around the other side, and we saw him on a park bench. He had the book opened to the introduction. Caught in the act!!!! So after meeting a bunch of really cool people that night we felt better about ourselves.

  We are continuing to work with our two Investigators that have a baptismal date. Cristian and Renzo are both really excited. More to come on that a little bit later. Well that is all that is new. Hope you all have a fantastic week, and I love ya´ll so much.

Con Amor, 
Elder Reschke.

P.S. The church announced that the new Lima Peru temple is going to be in Los Olivos. I have been there a few times, and it is SUPER close to our mission.   My old area in Carabayllo bordered Los Olivos. Fun fact for the day.

                                               Elder Bradford and Elder Reschke:
                                                                     Lima city center:

                                                          Our Zone in Lima city center:

                                                   Things we saw at the museum:
                 I don't know why the lady with the baby on her back is in the museum, when
                                     you can just hit the streets of my area and see the real thing!

                                     I had 10 books of Mormon and my companion had 10:
             We handed them all out in one day.  That is 20 new,  possible Investigators:


  1. You are the most amazing missionary!! I'm so lucky and proud to be your grandmother.

  2. You are the most amazing missionary!! I'm so lucky and proud to be your grandmother.