Monday, May 16, 2016

Bienvenido A Indepencencia.

 Dear Family and Friends,

     I write you all the way from my new area, José Galvez, in the Independencia Zone.
I am no longer in San Juan de Lurigancho. I thank the Lord for the wonderful experiences that I had in the Canto Grande Ward. I know that I was there for a reason, and although the people in the streets weren’t the most receptive, I truly saw miracles due to our diligence and obedience.

     My last night there, we had a "Say goodbye to Elder Reschke Family Home Evening", and we enjoyed some last moments with the Familia B., Familia V., and Hermana Mirtha. They all wrote me some VERY kind notes to put in my souvenir book, and Renzo even gave me a signed copy of his book. I will always have a special place in my heart for the people of Canto Grande, especially all the people present at that Family Home Evening.

    With the Familia V. we have plans for when I come back to Perú next year they are going to take me to Tarapoto, their home town in the Jungle of Perú, and we are going to see the sights.

     The mission consists of different time periods. My time as a Zone Leader has come to an end, and I have been sent to my new area in Independencia because that is where the Lord wants me to finish my mission. I got here Tuesday morning, and realized exactly why:

It is one of the biggest areas in the whole mission, the ward is FABULOUS, filled with great members, and the area is just FILLED with thousands of awesome people that are waiting to hear the gospel.

    The people are very receptive as well.  Basically, it is a diamond in the rough, just waiting to have it's fruits harvested. My Companion is Elder Onofre, from Huancayo. Perú, and I am only his second companion in the mission field. We had a good first week, and we have one Baptismal Date, and tomorrow we are going to have one more. It has been a really great week. I am District Leader right now, over the Relief Society District. We call it that because there are four Sister Missionaries.
Haha, should be a good experience.

     Anyway, this week has been fantastic, and I have really been able to feel the love that Heavenly Father has for me and for each one of his children.
I hope you all have a fantastic week. Love you so much.
Elder Reschke.

P.S. We looking for a new room, because there is no water in our room.
I have been showering with a two liter Inca Kola bottle for a week!

Questions Elder Reschke answered this week.

What is the weather like now?
It’s getting cold here!  Winter has arrived! BRRRRRRRRR.
(Getting down to 62 degrees at night.)

Any last thoughts today?
Mom, I am going to miss these people so much.
I love them with all my heart, I really do.
The Peruvian people have a special place in my heart.
We for sure have to come back to visit them!!!!!

                                            My old Zone that I had to say good-bye to:
                                                           Good-bye Elder Bradford:

                                                                       Old area:

                                               Packing up my tie collection for my move:

New area:  Indepencencia:

                                                                          New area:
                                                                         New Area:

                                                Lots of hills in the new area.  I love it:
                                                                          New area:

Saying good-bye is hard:


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  2. I love looking at the pictures of the area

  3. He's gained quite a few ties!