Monday, May 23, 2016

La Vida es Buena.

Hola Familia Y Amigos,

This was a really good week for us here in José Galvez. We had a pretty chill P.Day We got some Chinese food at Plaza Norte, and then played soccer for the rest of the day. 

We had a good week teaching new Investigators. We currently have two Investigators with a baptismal date. Walter, and Lee. We are working a lot with them so that they can progress. We also met Lee´s Mom this week, and she is super cool! She has tons of potencial, and says that she wants to get baptized, because she can see all the wonderful changes that are happening in her son.

Not a whole lot of exciting stuff happened this week, it was pretty much a week just like any other, but I did get to know the Ward better, so I am happy for that. There are a lot of really cool members here, and they are going to be a big help. 

We were searching for a new room this week, and NOTHING!!! All the rooms we found either have a shared bathroom, or a nineteen year old girl living right there on the same floor. Well, he that looketh receiveth, I suppose. We will keep on looking for a new room.

We have an Investigator who is the cousin of a recent convert, and they live in a little house that is like the highest house on the hill. Their grandma and mom aren’t going to progress, but nevertheless I like speaking Quechua with them every time we visit. Quechua is their first language, so from what I understand, they feel a bit more comfortable speaking Quechua than Spanish. 

Well I hope you all have a great week. Thank you very much for all the prayers and support. I love being a missionary, and I am going to keep working hard until the very end! 
Tupananchiskama! That´s Quechua for "See you later!”

Elder Reschke

P.S. An older Peruvian lady told me that my pronunciation in Quechua is very good!  Score:)

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