Monday, May 9, 2016

*Bull Fights on Mother's Day?

Hola Famila Y Amigos,

I hope you all had a fantastic Mother´s Day. 
It was good to see and talk to some of you via SKYPE. 

Well this week was a good week for us. On Monday we went hiking with the Zone again,
and we hiked up through the hills by our area to see the other side of the mission and the ocean. We stumbled upon an archeological monument called Monte Miraflores
Seemed kind of interesting.

We had the Zone Leader´s council meeting on Wednesday, which went well.
 We were able to learn a lot that we later shared with the Zone to help them out. 

Friday night I was on a work visit with Elder Connolly in his area in Canto Nuevo,
we took out a baptismal date with his Investigator, 
and had a good time playing Ward soccer in the morning. 

Saturday was the baptism of Cristian and Xiara. They were super excited to be baptized,
and honestly it was probably my best baptismal service in the whole mission. 
It was extremely spiritual, and the Familia V., kindly had us over for lunch after the baptism.

Sunday was good to SKYPE and talk to everybody for Mother’s Day. 
Shout out by the way, to my Mom, who is the best Mom in the whole wide world.
Love you so much Mom, I don’t know what I would do without you. 

After our Mothers Day SKYPE we had a SOLID lesson with the Familia V. 
and it was very spiritual for us.
Everyone felt the Spirit, and the rest of the family is ready to follow Jesus Christ and make covenants with the Lord as well. 

Hope you all have a fantastic week, and I love you all so much. 

Elder Reschke.

P.S. I got a change today, I am being transferred  to Independencia! 
More to come on that next week. 

Our hike last week:
                                                          The view on our hike:
                                                      Monument we found on the hike:
                                                    Baptism of Cristian and Xiara:

                                                                    Our area at night:

*Disclaimer from Elder Reschke's Mom:  "I have no idea why the title of this post is
"Bull Fights on Mother's Day?" I just print it how it is sent to me.
 (Another question to ask next week!)


  1. I love the hiking pics, but love the baptism pics even more